[IAEP] 2020-07-22 Meeting Minutes

devin at ulibarri.website devin at ulibarri.website
Wed Jul 22 18:09:18 EDT 2020

Hi All,

Hope everyone is doing well. :)

Today's SLOB meeting minutes are published at
(and copied below).

They have already been approved by the board members who were present.

Our next meeting is planned for 2020-08-05 at 20:00 UTC on IRC

The agenda is published at 

== Minutes for SLOBs Meeting ==
2020-07-22 at 20:00 UTC

Attendance: Devin, Lionel, Ibiam, James, Walter, Samson (Alex excused 
himself beforehand.)

=== Vote on Prior Meeting Minutes ===


Minutes Approved unanimously after some final edits.

=== Report from project representative (Conservancy liaison) ===

No Report

=== Reports from Ombudsman ===

No Report

=== Any reports from project teams, Google Summer of Code ===

James says everyone is doing well. Groups are not cross-pollinating.

Every student passed their first evaluation.

=== Devin and Caryl 1023 Job Report ===

* 1023 Status
* Finding a new lawyer -- how is that going? (Kyle says he cannot do it 
because of time constraints.)

Two problematic areas in our "Brief History of SL" related to language.

Walter and Devin will work on the "Brief History of Sugar Labs" after 
this meeting.

=== James and Ibiam Sugar Activity Job Report ===

Met for 30 minutes. Not yet agreed on a plan.

Ibiam has been feeling sick and has just started feeling better.

=== Each One Teach One ===

Similar to Google Code-in. Not a contest, but involves kids of a similar 

See www.eachoneteachone.is for more information.

=== GSoC Feature Share ===

==== Sugarizer ====

Lionel shows "Mind Math" activity. Can be tested at 

Students can compete with one another.

==== Music Blocks ====

Devin demonstrates Aviral's work on movable do for when students are 
inputting their code.

==== Python ====

Bug fixes. Tests. Translations and other clerical work.

=== Vote on Today's Meeting Minutes ===

See this page 

Minutes unanimously Approved by all SLOBS present

=== Time and Place of Next Meeting ===

Meeting on 2020-08-05 at 20:00 UTC on IRC.

Agenda to be published at 
(then overwritten with the minutes at meeting)

=== Closing ===

Motion to adjourn the meeting has been approved.

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