[IAEP] Poll Results Oversight Election 2019-21

Vipul Gupta vipulgupta2048 at gmail.com
Sun Feb 2 04:48:17 EST 2020

Hello folks,
The election for the Sugar Labs Oversight Board 2019-21 ended on 31st
January 2020. There were 3 Oversight Board slots to be elected for the
2019-2021 period. The winning candidates are listed as follows.

1. Claudia Urrea
2. Ibiam Chihurumnaya
3. Rahul Bothra

Heartiest congratulations to all, hope to see new and amazing initiatives
come up from the board in the upcoming years. As the election
administrator, I would like to thank the people who participated, voted and
helped out to make this process convenient & accessible to all. I hope to
make it better next year. As always, happy to take up any
questions/feedback on the conclusion of this election.

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