[IAEP] What's the long term vision of Sugar Labs?

Sumit Srivastava sumitsrisumit at gmail.com
Thu Mar 28 22:43:29 EDT 2019

Great points, Alex.

I would love to hear from all of you, especially the senior members of the
SL community, before we discuss all the points one by one.


On Fri, 29 Mar 2019, 6:49 am Alex Perez, <aperez at alexperez.com> wrote:

> Sumit,
> Great questions, and they're particularly relevant at this phase/age of
> the existence of Sugar Labs. They certainly can't be answered in a single
> e-mail, however I think this is a perfect conversation to have,
> particularly on our IAEP mailing list, which is our general purpose mailing
> list.
> Sumit Srivastava wrote on 3/28/19 5:00 PM:
> Do we aim to be like Red Hat? Canonical? No match? Who are we closest to?
> Who do we aim to be?
> Speaking as an Oversight Board member, I do not believe it is in the
> interest of Sugar Labs to attempt to emulate a company like Red Hat and
> Canonical. These companies have hundreds/thousands of paid employees, and
> their organizational structure is a product of the needs of their corporate
> customers.
> Right now, we have a few existential problems on the horizon, one of which
> is a long term problem, but which we now need to address in the short-term:
> Maintainability. Sugar has a lot of "technical debt", and unless we can
> complete our goal of 100% Python 3 compatibility of all core Sugar
> libraries and the toolkit, we risk the loss of being able to be run as a
> desktop environment on current versions of Linux, due to our reliance on
> Python 2. Since Python 2 has been on life support for many, many years, and
> is only nine months from being officially retired, it will no longer be
> maintained by the Python Foundation, nor included by default in the next
> versions of Fedora and Ubuntu. You can read further details about the
> sunsetting of Python 2 at https://pythonclock.org
> <https://pythonclock.org/>
> I understand that these are a lot of questions. You can also share
> relevant mail archive links if they're available.
> I also understand that we're a non profit and the organisations I
> mentioned might not be a close match.
> I personally do not think the core entity of Sugar Labs should be a
> commercial entity, but non-profit organizations are completely entitled to
> be profitable, and many are quite  for the profitable. Personally, I would
> like to see the development of a federated model, where we have
> country/regionally-centered "chapters" of Sugar Labs, with Sugar Labs
> itself taking the in-the-field feedback from our distributed user base, and
> incorporating and triaging suggestions/feedback,
> Essense of my question: If we could achieve anything, what would we want?
> I would love to see a world where Sugar was used extensively, worldwide,
> by children in the primary school age range, with a wide range of
> actively-maintained activities, relevant to the current curricula of a
> variety of countries, and of interest to elementary school teachers, across
> all socioeconomic groups. How we get there is the real question, assuming
> we want to, and have the organizational will to do so.
> As for what our "long term vision" is, I honestly don't think we have one
> at this point, and we should fix that, which is one of the reasons why I
> chose to run for the Sugar Labs Oversight Board. Our next meeting is next
> Friday, on 2019-04-05 at 20:00 UTC, on IRC, in the #sugar-meeting channel
> on FreeNode. Feel free to join us and observe, as well as ask questions
> before and after the official meeting commences.
> https://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Oversight_Board
> Regards
> Sumit Srivastava
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