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22 May 2018

Hi All…

Are you a Sugar educator? By that, we mean do you have experience teaching others using Sugar Activities in either a formal school setting or in a more informal setting using Sugar on XO laptops or computers, Sugar On A Stick, or Sugarizer on any number of different devices. Or, perhaps, you have never had the privilege of using Sugar and would like to know more and explore how you can use it to help you teach. If so, we want to invite you to join the Sugar Education Team!

To learn more about what the Education Team will be about, check this Google Doc:



If you think you might be interested, please answer a few simple questions so we can make your participation a valuable and enjoyable experience. Just answer the questions below and send it to Caryl Bigenho as a reply to this email (do not do a “reply all”). Caryl will forward the responses to Samson Goddy,  our other co-captain, so we will both know what your interests are and can plan accordingly to best serve all of you.

Some of you have already signed up for the Sugar Labs Education Team. If you have, could you please complete the questionnaire anyway? Your answers will be very valuable in helping make our team a success!

Thanks for your attention! We hope you will want to be a part of this new endeavor.

Caryl Bigenho and Samson Goddy

Co-Captains, Sugar Labs Education Team

P.S. If you have educator friends who might also be interested, please share this email with them and invite them to send us their information as well.



Your Name:

Contact email:

FaceBook Name:


In what languages are you fluent?




What other languages do you have some knowledge of?

What is your teaching experience? In a school?

Other (what setting?)

In what subject areas are you most interested?

What are your favorite Sugar Activities and why?

For meetings…

Are you comfortable using FaceBook chat?

Are you comfortable using irc?

Are you comfortable using Google Hangouts?

Do you have any connectivity issues that would make it difficult for you to participate in a Google Hangout?

We invite you to add any comments or suggestions here…

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