[IAEP] Live event of Turtle Blocks organised in India

Jaskirat Singh juskirat2000 at gmail.com
Sat Apr 28 11:52:11 EDT 2018

Hello everyone !

Thanks James ! for suggesting this to write it here.
Well after great discussion with Walter Bender and Computer Department
teachers here, I and Walter Bender organised a seminar  in the Sacred Heart
Convent School, Jagadhri, Haryana, India about Turtle Blocks where he was
live from USA  through Video Call.
Though the event was of short duration but we covered most of the things
and students were quite active in understanding it and in putting up their
Earlier Teachers were not sure that if students will act upon this seminar
but later they were so attracted that they decided to have some more events
like this ..! And i was quite happy at that time.
So special thanks to Walter Bender who spared his sleeping time to talk to
Walter Bender now its time to organise a broad base workshop in India which
will involve everyone to participate and also will keep something for
senior students.
Hope he agree to this proposal !
I have attavhed a link to few photographs of the event

link -

i posted this on Facebook and Twitter but maybe everyone not be using these
social sites so i have written here.


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