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Lionel, any plans for Scratch 3.0 in Sugarizer?

On Sun, Sep 24, 2017 at 10:05 PM, Lionel Laské <lionel.laske at gmail.com>

> Hi Caryl,
> Thanks for your support to Sugarizer.
> I remember your Sugarizer Primero idea and as I said to you I'm agree to
> help you as possible.
> Here is a short description of our Sugarizer deployment this year (I'm CC
> Bastien so he could give more information):
> - The deployment was in a CM1 class in French so Grade 4 for US.
> - The deployment was between February 2017 and July 2017
> - We've deployed 25 tablets Lenovo A10-30 tablets with a supplementary
> microSD 16Gb card with
> - Each tablet has a protection and we later add a headphone and a
> bluetooth keyboard for each
> - Sugarizer OS - so Sugarizer as an Android launcher - v0.8 was deployed
> on all tablets, we've also included 82 Android activities. Most famous are:
> GCompris, ScratchJr and Wikipedia. The list was decided by Sandrine, our
> education specialist.
> - The school had no internet access, we planned to deploy a Sugarizer
> Server on a RaspberryPI with a bunch of content but we didn't had time to
> finalize it
> - The main work done by the teacher with the tablets was:
>    * Mind mapping using the Sugarizer Labyrinth activity
>    * Scratch using ScratchJR application
>    * E-book creation using BookCreator application
> - Sandrine had regular contacts with the teacher during the year. We had
> few meetings with her too and we had a meeting with parents at the end of
> the year
> We're starting these days a new deployment in another school with 10
> tablets (same model). AFAK these tablets will not be dedicated to a
> specific grade  this time.
> Best regards.
>        Lionel.
> 2017-09-24 20:52 GMT+02:00 Caryl Bigenho <cbigenho at hotmail.com>:
>> Hi Walter,
>> Thanks for replying! Yes, we find things a bit hectic here too... we just
>> made our semi-annual move from Montana and are in the midst of unpacking
>> our stuff.
>> I look forward to seeing what results Lionel gets from his pilot test of
>> Sugarizer in a school. Do you know what grade (age) levels he is testing?
>> We can ask Rosamel for some input. As you probably know she is not only
>> working in a school but also is teaching prospective teachers in a local
>> university! She really knows her stuff!
>> I was hoping she could do a survey for us from some of the most
>> successful users of Sugar in the schools she worked with.  Her school,
>> which we visited at the EduJam, was very impressive. Some of the others ...
>> not so much. Teacher/parent "buy in" is very important! If we want to do
>> that, it would be good to do it before they go into their summer vacation.
>> Lionel mentioned someone liking Abecederium. It is a good one for primary
>> school, but there may be problems when we try to translate it into other
>> languages.
>> I was thinking that, after releasing a Sugarizer1° there could be other
>> specialized versions of Sugerizer... eg Sugarizer+-x/ (specially for math)
>> SugarizerCompute (with Pippy and other programming Activities), Sugarizer🎵
>> (Music) and so forth! There are so many possibilities.
>> I see Sugarizer1° as a "trial balloon" where we could get all the kinks
>> out... testing, documentation, translations, marketing, distribution and
>> the like. I also have a granddaughter in the first grade and her Daddy has
>> his PhD in Cognitive Science and Educational Technology. He is a "hard
>> sell" on things like this so, if he likes it, you know it is good!
>> Caryl
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>> *To:* Caryl Bigenho
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>> Cameron; Rosa; José Miguel García; Gonzalo Odiard
>> *Subject:* Re: Sugarizer1° Revisited
>> On Sun, Sep 24, 2017 at 1:26 PM, Caryl Bigenho <cbigenho at hotmail.com>
>> wrote:
>>> Hi Folks...
>>> I hope you are all enjoying your weekend. Perhaps you have been too busy
>>> and overlooked my email about Sugarizer1°.
>> Things have been a bit chaotic of late :P
>>> I am resending it and hoping to get some honest opinions and
>>> suggestions, especially from those of you who have been interested in and
>>> working with Sugarizer and those of you who are candidates for the Sugar
>>> Labs Oversight Board.
>> I undestand that Lionel is in the midst of his first pilot test of
>> Sugarizer in a school, although I don't know any of the specifics. It would
>> seem we should consider what he learns from the pilot before executing a
>> plan such as you describe. In the meantime, we should be able to gather
>> some data from the Ceibal team that is already on the ground in UY and in
>> daily contact with teachers and students. Lots we can learn from them.
>> regards.
>> -walter
>>> I look forward to a discussion about how we could best make something
>>> like this happen to bring the magic of Sugar to children everywhere.
>>> Caryl
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>>> Lionel Laske; Laura Vargas; ignacio at sugarlabs.org; Tony Anderson; James
>>> Cameron; Rosa; José Miguel García; Gonzalo Odiard
>>> *Subject:* Sugarizer1° Revisited
>>> Hello All,
>>> I think somewhere some of the people of SugarLabs have “lost their way.”
>>> When I joined the OLPC support-gang nearly ten years ago and, later, Sugar
>>> Labs I was excited by the concept of bringing collaborative,
>>> constructionism to children’s learning all over the world. Later, as the
>>> XOs were no longer readily available, Lionel’s idea of “Sugar on any
>>> device” promised an exciting way that this could still actually happen.
>>> *Now, I am seeing an attempt by a few individuals to usurp all this and
>>> drive the program to just a few chosen areas. I believe this is wrong! I
>>> believe this should be a world-wide movement to improve education of
>>> children everywhere! I also believe many of you agree with me.*
>>> A couple of summers ago I proposed, via a motion, a project that I felt
>>> would help fulfill that original vision of bringing the magic of learning
>>> with Sugar to children all over the world. It addressed what have been some
>>> of the weaknesses in prior projects… principally not meeting the perceived
>>> needs of children, parents and teachers. Without doing that (which was
>>> done, masterfully, in Uruguay), Sugar just won’t get used. The prospective
>>> users have to want to use it. They have to see it as the powerful
>>> educational tool that it is.
>>> My proposed project would start small, with a special version of
>>> Sugarizer designed just for children in the first 2 or 3 years of school.
>>> It would begin with a survey of students and teachers in Uruguay who had
>>> used Sugar Activities in the Project Ceibal program. After finding a small
>>> number of favorite Activities, say ten to twelve, the first version would
>>> be produced in both Spanish and English. It would be called Sugarizer1°, or
>>> Sugarizer Primero because it would be designed especially for children in
>>> the "primary grades".
>>> When the first versions were ready, they would be tested by children,
>>> teachers, and parents using all sorts of devices. Surveys to find favorite
>>> Activities would be done. Ways to use them with classroom lessons would be
>>> found. Ways to enhance learning at home would be found. Fun things to do
>>> with Sugar as a family would be found. Documentation of all this would be
>>> made universally available online. Versions in other languages would be
>>> added at this point. French would be logical then possibly Hindi, Arabic,
>>> and Chinese. Other smaller language groups could also be served such as
>>> Haitian Creole, Aymara, and the like.
>>> For the regular Release Candidate, an energetic “Marketing campaign”
>>> would be needed with Sugar Labs volunteers going to all sorts of
>>> educational and open source fairs and conferences, presenting at teacher
>>> education institutions, and the like. Getting some of the teachers,
>>> students, and parents from the beta testing stage to write articles, blogs,
>>> and the like about their experiences would help. Some travel expenses might
>>> be incurred and some stipends for writers might be appropriate.
>>> As you can see in the paragraph above, many of these steps should cost
>>> money. For example, a coordinating teacher in Uruguay should be paid to
>>> conduct the studies there (logically this would be Rosamel Ramirez).
>>> Possibly educators who work for us as documentation writers should be paid.
>>> Etc. Etc. Etc.
>>> This proposal needs lots of work. It did 2 summers ago and it still
>>> does. If others tell me they also feel that *the Magic of Sugar should
>>> be for children everywhere*, I’ll proceed to produce a good formal
>>> motion to the board. If there is no interest, I won’t waste any more time
>>> on it (planning and writing this would take many hours of thought,
>>> research, and discussion with other Sugar Labs members).
>>> What do you all think???
>>> Caryl
>>> P.S. the logo for Sugarizer1° would still be the cute little XO man! He
>>> is recognized by people all over the world and thus has lots of value as a
>>> marketing tool. *It would be foolish to replace him with anything else.*
>> --
>> Walter Bender
>> Sugar Labs
>> http://www.sugarlabs.org
>> <http://www.sugarlabs.org>
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