[IAEP] Translation platform for Sugarizer

Lionel Laské lionel.laske at gmail.com
Sat Sep 16 05:10:20 EDT 2017

Hi all,

What if Sugarizer [1]  - a taste of Sugar on any device - could be
localized in your own language?

To simplify translation efforts from the community, I've unified all source
files to localize for Sugarizer (Sugarizer core, Sugarizer website,
including activities and the future Sugarizer Server dashboard) in a new


Just click on this URL and you could start the translation:

   - Just suggest new translation without even need to login
   - Sign up to create a new language or validate translation

Thanks to Weblate [2] the underline tool used for this platform, all new
translation will be integrated to related repos without any other action
for you.

Hope you'll enjoy it.

Do not hesitate to ask me for any question/issue.

Best regards.


[1] http://sugarizer.org

[2] http://weblate.org
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