[IAEP] Urgent Motion: To add three contributors into the membership/election committee

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Wed Sep 6 19:05:37 EDT 2017

Good that the motion passed, but I'll comment anyway.  ;-)

Pericherla Seetaramaraju and Hirish Patel are not Sugar Labs members
yet.  On the other hand, nor am I.

My opinion is that it is up to the membership and elections committee
who they invite to their meetings and who they collaborate with.  Call
them visitors.  Visitors need not be Sugar Labs members.  Visitors
could be asked their opinion but their vote on motions could be

I don't see why the committee needs more committee members, apart from
Walter's concern that the committee at the moment consists only of
the continuing oversight board members.


This perhaps is more a function of the level of interest overall; and
losing Ignacio is an unfortunate sign of that.

On Wed, Sep 06, 2017 at 05:43:31PM -0500, Laura Vargas wrote:
> Samson,
> I would support a motion to add Ibiam to the Membership and elections Committee
> since Ibiam is a Sugar Labs member.
> Not sure it works for non Sugar Labs members.
> Regards,
> Laura V
> Membership and Elections Committee Liaison
> 2017-09-06 16:02 GMT-05:00 Samson Goddy <[1]samsongoddy at gmail.com>:
>     Hello, 
>     I am requesting to SLOB. To add Pericherla Seetaramaraju  (Google Summer of
>     Code Intern), Hirish Patel (Contributor and Google Summer of Code Mentor) 
>     and Ibiam Chihurumnaya (Member of Sugar Labs). I mentioned at the meeting
>     that we need more members in the Membership/Election committee. 
>     I will appreciate if someone second this motion for voting.
>     Regards
>     Samson Goddy
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> Laura V.
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