[IAEP] Enhancements to Sugar

Ryan Cunningham levantamos.para.unir at gmail.com
Tue Oct 10 19:31:03 EDT 2017

Dear Sugar Labs,

I would like to propose several enhancements to the Sugar user
interface, as follows:

(1) An addition to the Frame, allowing the user to see the date and
time from within Sugar. This should be in the form of a clock in the
bottom right of the Frame, between the network and display panels.
    When clicked or hovered over, the clock should display a panel
reading as follows, from the top down: (A) Aligned to the left, a
descriptive title reading "Clock". (B) A separator. (C) Aligned in the
center, the current date and time, displayed according to the system
regional preferences. (D) Another separator. (E) Aligned to the left,
a menu entry reading "Date and Time Settings" (with an icon to the
left if desired), which should open the "Date and Time" panel in My

(2) Enhancements that allow better interaction with Sugar with a
screen reader and/or without a mouse:

(A) Every non-text element of Sugar's user interface should have a
descriptive title readable by screen readers.

(B) The keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Tab (or another that you devise) should
move between areas of focus (for example, the activity toolbar and the
body area[1] of the activity, or the entire activity and the Frame).

(C) In a toolbar, pressing Tab, Shift+Tab, Left, or Right should move
between the toolbar's items; pressing Enter should activate any item;
pressing Down should reveal a sub-toolbar beneath a selected item (if
there is one); pressing Down again should highlight the first item on
the sub-toolbar; and pressing Up or Escape should hide the

(D) Pressing Tab in the Frame should move the focus clockwise;
pressing Shift+Tab should move it counter-clockwise. The focus should
start in the upper left. Pressing Enter on any item should activate it
(or de-activate it, if it is already active). Pressing Up or Left on
an item that brings up a menu (depending on where the item is in the
Frame) should select, respectively, the last or first entry in that
menu. Pressing Escape should hide that menu; pressing Escape (or F6)
again should hide the Frame.

[1 In case of the Browse activity, the "body area" would be the
browser viewport showing the Web page currently being viewed.]


Ryan Cunningham

Sent from Gmail

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