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Laura Vargas laura at somosazucar.org
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2017-05-08 15:20 GMT-05:00 James Cameron <quozl at laptop.org>:

> On Mon, May 08, 2017 at 06:28:00AM -0500, Laura Vargas wrote:
> > 2017-05-07 21:59 GMT-05:00 James Cameron <[1]quozl at laptop.org>:
> > > Please instead build trust.
> >
> > Interesting point of view. Still, please elaborate in this
> > suggestion. How to achieve this?
> As there is only one board member asking this question, I'm inclined
> to be brief.

Making "decision making process" understandable and friendly should be
relevant not only to current board members but also to everyone in the

;-)  I don't feel I will be heard.

Your opinion is very relevant for our community.

I ask board members to be more intentional.  To decide on their
> own individual behalf to resolve conflicts and build consensus.  To
> communicate more frequently, either privately between individuals,
> privately within the board, or publically.  To track and measure how
> their communication is received.

This suggestion is really interesting.

> To identify conflict and reveal it.
> To try different communication media to resolve conflict.
> It isn't easy.
> > It's sounds like the chair has the largest role on making procedures
> > work...
> That's up to the board.
> It may be helpful for the board to select a meeting chairperson.
> "But we already have Walter!" is an anticipated response; but it isn't
> obvious from the outside reading of logs or Wiki that everyone thinks
> this, or knows what a chair does.
Maybe, we can start rotating the chair so that every board member can have
the opportunity to have the experience and learn.

> > Thanks for your feedback.
> I'm a board member of several organisations.
A few months ago I attended a corporate governance training,
> facilitated by a trainer from the Australian Institute of Company
> Directors.  I've still got the notes, but they are licensed in a way
> that prevents my republishing them verbatim.  There are similar
> organisations in other countries.  It's not cheap, costs to me were of
> the order of $US 500 in fees, travel, and lost time.  I feel it has
> been worth it.

During the meeting we also discussed the possibility to reduce from 7 to 5
the number of seats. Not sure if this is the best way to facilitate the
decision making process but it could help.

Regards and thank you for sharing your experience :D

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