[IAEP] Intelligibility Remediation project for cmusphinx

Sahith D sahithdn at gmail.com
Sat Mar 18 01:22:11 EDT 2017

Hi my name is Sahith, I’m working on an interesting open-source project.
I'm trying to produce free, interactive language pronunciation assessment
and remediation software which may be able to improve students'
pronunciation of words six times faster than commercially available

Millions of people worldwide want to improve their pronunciation in order
to gain access to better jobs and succeed at more opportunities to speak in
public, on teleconferences, or to groups. Unfortunately, companies which
charge for this service often frustrate students by putting too much
emphasis on inconsequential mistakes. So this year we are building on the
open source software we have released in our past Google Summer of Code
efforts to produce the most efficient, full-featured pronunciation training

We are trying to raise $25,000 from now until May (http://sphinxcapt.org)
in order to pay for student transcriptions, which we will use to improve
our software. I would be very grateful if someone can point me towards the
people who would be most likely to fund such a project.

Thank You,

Sahith N D
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