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On 26/02/17 05:50, Dave Crossland wrote:
>> I now regret having opened the door to paid efforts
> I think with this message the door is now closed!

Also from the same book, chapter /"The hidden costs of ignoring

    /One reason why open source contributors are strikingly more
    homogenous than the technology sector at large is that they need
    time and money to make significant contributions in the first place.
    These constraints prevent otherwise qualified contributors from
    entering the space./

    /David MacIver, creator of Hypothesis, a Python library for testing
    software applications, explains why he was able to spend so much
    time on the project: /
    /    I could only do this because I had the time and money to do so.
    I had the time to do so because I was being obsessive, had no
    dependents, and didn’t have a job. I could only not have a job
    because of the money. I only had the money because I spent the
    latter half of last year with double the salary I was used to, half
    the living expenses I was used to, and too borderline depressed to
    spend it on anything interesting. These are not reasonable
    requirements. [...] Can you produce quality software in less time
    than that, working only in your free time? I doubt it.[113] /

    /Cory Benfield, a core Python developer, writes: /
    /    Generally speaking, people who aren’t cisgender, heterosexual,
    white, middle-class, English-speaking men are less able to tolerate
    the increased financial risk of not having a steady job. This means
    that those individuals really need a steady pay cheque to contribute
    most effectively. And we *need* those contributors: diverse teams
    make better things than homogeneous teams.[114] /

    /Charlotte Spencer, a contributor to software framework Hoodie and
    database PouchDB, echoes these sentiments: /
    /    All my contributions are purely volunteered. I don't make any
    money, though I would absolutely like to. I have asked veteran open
    sourcerers if they are paid and they say they are not, which
    discouraged me from pursuing anything (if they aren't paid, why
    would I be?). I use most of my free time to do it, which I'm trying
    to do less of as it was taking up my life.[115]/

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