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Samson Goddy samsongoddy at sugarlabs.org
Sat Feb 25 23:02:27 EST 2017

As Dave and Caryl mentioned earlier, i think the best thing is to redefine
our missions, visions and goals. As Sameer said in the last video, "Sugar
and Sugar Labs are both different". He also gave an example using how
Drupal came up with theirs. So i think what should be our top priority to
keep these in check, so that we can be move forward.

At the last meeting, walter gave (Ignacio, Laura and me) tasks on how we
can attract funding to the Community, i came up with the idea of creating
awareness to the general public through SMM role. Which received negative
comments, due to the fact that it was attached with $$ which is normal for
a community like Sugar Labs to kick against. The reason why i tend to let
that motion slide down is that currently we are vision less. Previous years
it was alot easier because of OLPC activities.

So my question for the community  are.

What are these money for?

How do we get funds outside Google programs?

What will happen to Sugar Labs if Google terminates GSOC or GCI one day?

These are questions that i will love to have answers on.

Concerning possible loosing support for python version. I think of we have
good strategy of how sugar can impact learning in schools, i don't think
any version of sugar matters. Last year after my project, i started doing
research on SEED/OLPC schools. I got a call from a teacher in Southern Part
of Nigeria. He was telling me about xo machines in his schools. He told me
that for the past years, after SEED terminated the project. They stop using
the sugar because no body could support them. He also mention that his
school is willing to Re:sugar with over 1,000 xo machines working. I told
him i was going to contact the community for support. Which i did but
didn't get any response aside from Tony and Walter.

Concerning what Caryl was saying about paying teachers to test sugar in
schools. I think that is a great plan. But is shouldn't just focus on the
Sugarizer only yet. Of course i know JS is the feature but before that if
we can support python let us do it. "Let us use what we have to get want we
want". Example, i am planning a mega workshop in Nigeria, concerning
targeting school with E-learning capabilities. There are lot of schools in
Nigeria using tablet in class to play games. Why won't SL sit down and
think how we can get this schools to use Sugarizer  in their tablet, deploy
schools servers for collaborations. Install python version in computer labs
as my school did back in the olpc days.

I have the ability to do this, because what they care about is success
stories, how does this benefit our students. GCI can be a pinpoint, my
story about how i became what i am now was because of Sugar.

P.S i have been invited to a Scratch conference in Bordeaux, France. Which
is scheduled to happen in July i can't remember the date. Also a mini
scratch events in Nairobi, Kenya for prep talk which i am going to talk
about Sugar. All because i posted my passion about computer science in
Medium. So this is what we should be doing as a community not doing


On 26 Feb 2017 2:33 a.m., "Tymon Radzik" <dwgipk at gmail.com> wrote:

> Sugar Labs is by its statement *volunteer*-driven project. We are
> volunteers. We work for the idea of the free and open software and not for
> own financial profit.
> I can't agree with the idea of monthly stipends (salaries) being paid to
> some members.
> Not only breaking something I considered to be a fundamental principle, it
> is also dividing the community. Our funds deserve to be spent in more
> orgnization-beneficial way.
> Additionally, I don't want to accuse anyone personally, but current
> situation in our discussion could meet the definition of *conflict of
> interest* for some members involved...
> Best,
> Tymon
> sob., 25 lut 2017 o 23:46 u┼╝ytkownik Chris Leonard <
> cjlhomeaddress at gmail.com> napisał:
>> On Fri, Feb 24, 2017 at 2:21 PM, Laura Vargas <laura at somosazucar.org>
>> wrote:
>> >
>> >
>> > 2017-02-24 13:51 GMT-05:00 Caryl Bigenho <cbigenho at hotmail.com>:
>> >>
>> >> Hello Again....
>> >>
>> >>
>> >
>> > Hola Caryl,
>> >>
>> >> The "Badge" proposal is a totally inappropriate use of SL funds and
>> could
>> >> result in litigation and the possible end of SugarLabs.
>> >>
>> >>
>> > Please do elaborate on this. We have already allocated stipends for
>> active
>> > members in the past. As I recall Chris Leonard had an 8 month stipend
>> of US$
>> > 1,000.
>> >
>> > What would be difference?
>> >
>> To clarify, I had negotiated a contract with Sugar Labs / SFC for a
>> monthly stipend to support the Translation Manager position.  I did
>> NOT submit a single invoice for that work (which I have been doing)
>> and allowed the contract to lapse.  I have not received a dime from
>> Sugar Labs funds in in the 10 years I have been volunteering and I
>> have come to regret that I opened the door to the current effort to
>> drain those funds into members pockets.
>> I believe the funds (the majority of which come from the TripAdvisor
>> grant obtained by Walter) should go to their intended purpose,
>> supporting TurtleArt promotion and internationalization and
>> localization efforts.  I understand that for legal reasons the funds
>> are officially considered fungible and in a general pool, but I
>> believe we should honor the original intent of the donor.
>> cjl
>> I now regret having opened the door to paid efforts
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