[IAEP] Sugar Labs "official" Calendar

Laura Vargas laura at somosazucar.org
Tue Feb 21 11:22:52 EST 2017

Hello all! Hola a todos!

I would like to propose an activity so that SL members can keep up to date
with Sugar Labs Events and give and receive support. But first we need to
have an "official" calendar to start with :D

One recurrent event we have all years is the SLOBs elections on December,
that we must set ahead for the committees to perform on time. I will
present a motion for elections to take place every second friday of each
12th month of every year. If seconded and approved, upcoming elections
would take place on December 8th of 2017.

Although I'm not familiar with the details, I know there is a recurrent
Turtle Art Day as well, maybe Walter can confirm if is recurrent and of it
has fixed date to take place.

Other recurrent events that may be considered to be included in the base
calendar, are those related with the applications and commitments made with
recurrent sponsors on each program/sponsorship. For example the Google
Summer of Code.

Of course one Sugar Camp would be nice to have once in a while. Still I'm
not proposing traveling as a recurrent event as I consider environment
global impact of traveling with current technology has a negative value at
the end. Shall we coordinate something online for this year perhaps?

Regards, blessings and hope to hear lots of input in this threat :D

Laura V.
* I&D SomosAZUCAR.Org*

“No paradox, no progress.”
~ Niels Bohr

Happy Learning!
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