[IAEP] [Systems] Stopwatch activity maintainer needed.

Sebastian Silva sebastian at fuentelibre.org
Tue Feb 21 00:05:42 EST 2017

On 18/02/17 14:03, Samuel Cantero wrote:
> it was me.
> Ignacio, problem solved. It was a firewall issue. Go ahead.

Hi Samuel,

I had set the firewall in response to an attack on network.sugarlabs.org
(check Jan 18th "Please Help" email thread on systems@). Having turned
off the firewall, this attack has just resumed.

The attack consists of ~20 IP addresses issuing a POST request every few
seconds and updating a Sugar Network project with SPAM contents.

I have a script /root/block.sh with firewall rules that blocked the IP
addresses we isolated from the logs.

Previously this script missed to allow https, but I've added this now,
so I've re-enabled the firewall. It looks to me like gitorious works.

I hope it doesn't cause other issues.


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