[IAEP] Multilingual Updated Image 4 South América

Laura Vargas laura at somosazucar.org
Mon Aug 7 00:00:16 EDT 2017

Hello Dear Community!

For September's SLOB's meeting I would be proposing a budget to *Finnish
the Guarani translation (~50%) and produce an updated XO image for South
America that includes them*. Of course the image can also include other
native relevant languages that are already complete like Quechua and Aimara.

I believe the image can be produced in an horizon of 6 months with me
articulating 1 translator and 1 developer.

Thanks in advance for all feedback that will help shape and upgrade the

Regards, blessings and some Guaraní music to enjoy:
Ñande Reko Arandu - (2000) Memória Viva Guarani

Laura V.
* I&D SomosAZUCAR.Org*

“Solo la tecnología libre nos hará libres.”
~ Laura Victoria

Happy Learning!
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