[IAEP] Today's meeting topic: Financial report first quarter 2017 by mail

Adam Holt holt at laptop.org
Fri Aug 4 17:03:06 EDT 2017

1) Detailed Sugar Labs financial info is provided for the entirety of 2016
and 2017-to-date below.  The entirety of Sugar Labs financial info is
almost 1/3 of gigabyte as checked out from SFC, so more details can be
obtained later this year should finer details be truly necessary, with a
finer-toothed comb, to de-identify personal home address and very personal
account numbers therein, which make everyone vulnerable to identify theft.
Until then, this below provides a very detailed picture of all funds
received and spent over the past 19 months.

2) Karen Sandler (SFConservancy Exec Director) and Tony Sebro
(SFConservancy General Counsel) have been contacted to see if they can help
clear up difficult paperwork Facebook requires to enable donations to Sugar
Labs, that Samson Goddy organized 3 weeks ago.  This is not easy but we are
hopeful, as Karen & Tony continue to work on this.

3) Bradley Kuhn (SFConservancy President and Distinguished Technologist, as
well as de facto Chief Financial Officer) has been contacted to see if
Sugar Labs is on track to receive the "$9400" GCI (Google Code-in) gift
described in the April 14, 2017 email from Google.  Thanks Walter for
forwarding this email originally sent to Bradley and cc'ing Walter Bender
to see what next steps are required here.  As there is no sign of this in
Sugar Labs' financial ledger to date, and it's getting a bit worrisome
given the email says "Funds will be transferred by May 3, 2017" etc.

# Balance (remember that 10% of everything has to be paid to SFConservancy)

$ ledger -V  -s -S T -d  "T&l<=2" -f sugar.ledger bal
       $ -299,299.52  Income:Sugar
        $ 225,716.12  Expenses:Sugar
        $ -73,583.40  *[this balance should appear as a positive number,
but accountants have their traditions, be forgiving]*

# Listing of current unpaid invoices with amounts   *[I am asking for
SFConservancy for clarification on both large amounts below, ideally by
responding directly to this email, and if both payments are stuck what we
should do about it?!]*

$ ledger -f sugar.ledger -V  --group-by 'tag("Invoice")' bal /^Accrued/
          $ 6,300.00  Accrued:Accounts Receivable:Sugar

           $ -563.20  Accrued:Accounts Payable:Sugar

             $ -0.40  Accrued:Accounts Payable:Sugar

# List income/expenses for 2017

$ ledger --group-by 'tag("Program")' -V  -s -S T -d  "T&l<=2" -f
sugar.ledger bal '/^(Income|Expenses).*Sugar/' -b 2017
          $ 6,500.00  Expenses:Sugar

            $ 900.00  Expenses:Sugar

             $ 38.00  Expenses:Sugar

# List income/expenses for 2016

$ ledger --group-by 'tag("Program")' -V  -s -S T -d  "T&l<=2" -f
sugar.ledger bal '/^(Income|Expenses).*Sugar/' -b 2016 -e 2017
          $ 1,735.15  Expenses:Sugar

            $ 563.20  Expenses:Sugar

Sugar:Conferences:GSoC Mentor Summit:2016
          $ 1,531.09  Expenses:Sugar
            $ -42.46  Income:Sugar
          $ 1,488.63

Sugar:Conferences:Simposio Internacial:2016
            $ 161.87  Expenses:Sugar

Sugar:Conferences:Turtle Art Day:2016:PY
          $ 1,387.78  Expenses:Sugar

Sugar:Conferences:Turtle Art Day:2016:UY
            $ 559.00  Expenses:Sugar

         $ -6,300.00  Income:Sugar

         $ -5,670.00  Income:Sugar

           $ -187.88  Income:Sugar

            $ 800.00  Expenses:Sugar

          $ 4,000.00  Expenses:Sugar

On Fri, Aug 4, 2017 at 4:17 PM, Laura Vargas <laura at somosazucar.org> wrote:

> Dear Adam,
> As Sugar Labs representative and liaison to the Software Freedom
> Conservancy, we ask and thank in advance that you share with the community
> an updated financial report or the necessary data to do it.
> https://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Finance
> Regards and blessings,
> --
> Laura V.
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> ~ Laura Victoria
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