[IAEP] Sugar 0.110.0 release

sam at sam.today sam at sam.today
Sun Oct 9 04:35:10 EDT 2016

Hi All,

Please see this very informative video for more information (1:33) - 


This email follows the previous email where I announced the tarballs.

I'm excited to announce Sugar 0.110.0 - a new stable release.  This 
release features the hard work of many contributors; James Cameron, 
Abhijit Patel, Sebastian Silva, Utkarsh Tiwari, Martin Abente Lahaye, 
Ezequiel Pereira, Vishal Batchu, Chris Leonard, Manash Raja, Gonzalo 
Odiard & Nick DeFilippis.  This release also integrated many 
translations from numerous contributors.

The new 0.110 features include; Project Based Journal, running 
activities under non-Sugar desktop environments or Gtk+ Broadway, 
smoother animations, port to WebKit2 api, the popwindow api, enhanced 
package manager interaction with favourite activities list, many 
dependency upgrades and bug fixing, generating ".desktop" and appstream 
files for activities & an upgrade to the GPLv3+ license, from GPLv2+.

For more information about 0.110.0, please visit 

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