[IAEP] Massive L10n update sugar-toolkit-gtk3

Chris Leonard cjlhomeaddress at gmail.com
Thu Oct 6 09:24:24 EDT 2016

Dear Sugar devs,

Pull request synching Pootle and repo

144 files (languages) with 16,088 additions and 926 deletions.


Can someone please land this pull request.  I have declined to include
any files where there are substantive errors that might interfere with
a build, so it should be safe.

When we added e-speak capability to the toolkit, we added a lot of
language names (the e-speak "voices"), a lot of language names can be
found translated in the Unicode Consortium's CLDR locale files.  I
transferred them over where possible.


Many of the same strings are in the Speak activity, but it appears
they may be using slightly different versions of e-speak base code (as
judged by the list of voices supported).  Can someone look into that?


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