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Sebastian Silva sebastian at fuentelibre.org
Wed Mar 30 16:25:24 EDT 2016

Try to avoid sending such large attachments in the future. The prefered
way to contribute code and get feedback is thru a Git repository (such
as Github).

Thanks for your contribution, hopefully you can engage the right people.
While some people on this list have taken part in deploying tablets, I
doubt we have the right people in the community to facilitate a
sustainable endeavor in this direction. Tablets tend to come crippled
with anti-tinkering software/hardware. For what hardware is your project?

My daughter was gifted an Amazon Fire tablet and I had a really hard
time rooting, removing spy/malware, and installing only (android based)
Free Software on it.


On 30/03/16 11:24, Cunningham, Ryan (CUNNIRYA001) wrote:
> Please wait for my attachment. It is pending approval from the moderator.
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>> El mar 30, 2016, a las 09:20, Cunningham, Ryan (CUNNIRYA001) <CUNNIRYA001 at bellinghamschools.org> escribió:
>> Excuse me, but where the COPYRIGHT.txt file says the notices therein must be reproduced verbatim, an exception may be made for translations into another language.
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>>> El mar 29, 2016, a las 20:53, Cunningham, Ryan (CUNNIRYA001) <CUNNIRYA001 at bellinghamschools.org> escribió:
>>> Dear Sugar Labs developers,
>>> I am Ryan Cunningham, a person with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). I am a member of Special Olympics, which believes that autism does not define me (or anybody with autism), and I participate in practices with my school’s Special Olympics Unified Soccer team (Unified Soccer is part of Project UNIFY). I know that Sugar was designed especially for people in less-developed countries, and I know that One Laptop per Child, one of Sugar Labs’ clients, thinks the same of living in a less-developed country that I think of having autism.
>>> But people in more-developed countries can also benefit from having access to Sugar, being the kind of free-and-open-source software that it is. Sugar, specifically, allows a user to experiment with the source code of its activities—even while the activities are running! This represents what the future of free-and-open-source software should be.
>>> To help spread that ideology even further, I would like to provide a set of Fedora Kickstart files and installation scripts that a manufacturer of tablet computers may use to install this derived version of Sugar on a Stick onto its tablets. This gzip-compressed tape archive includes certain versions of the Python Powered and Fedora Remix logos, which shall be used to denote that Sugar is written in Python 2 and that this operating system is based on Fedora.
>>> These scripts require at least Fedora 22. Logs from my final testing are included. This compilation is governed by the X11 License, the same license used for Fedora in general; the X11 License is also included. The distribution of these scripts and of their output on your Web site is encouraged. Please ask for permission from the Fedora Project regarding use of the Fedora Remix logos.
>>> Thank you for your cooperation.
>>> Sincerely,
>>> Ryan Cunningham
>>> <fedora-sugar-for-tablets.zip>
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