[IAEP] GoSC 2016

Polaris White yanan981219 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 17 03:11:58 EDT 2016

Hello i am a student that interested in your program. And I want to join
you in google summer of code 2016.

If it is possible I want to help develop Sugarizer Server Dashboard

Because I have the experience ahout dashboard, when I am a senior high
school student I’ve already help my IT teacher to build out school websize.

Here is the link http://www.qzez.com/ if it can be open.

And I also own a webside but unluckily the sever is boken down many weeks

Of cause the dashboard is written by myself.

The funny thing is the website background was more beautiful than the

By the way, my English is not very good, I’m chinese~

I hope I can join in your team because I am committed to educational
software in University too.

Thank you.

Can you give me some advise about the program?

I think I can do well in most things about website.

And I have cloned your web in http://11dms.net

What need I do next?

My gmail address is yanan981219 at gmail.com

Hope for receiving your message.
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