[IAEP] GSOC 2016

Saurav Malani sauravmalani1 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 9 13:25:43 EST 2016

I am saurav, 1st year student persuing B-tech in CSE at IIIT-Hyderabad. I
saw your idea list and Sugarizer Server Dashboard most interesting  .
As being first year B-tech student, I am a bit new to open-source,
but am too impressed with it's concept and idealogies, and wanted to be a
part of it. So, found GSOC a good of oportionity to begin. I am good at C,
python, HTML, CSS, Javascript.and a little knowledge of
bootstrap.But, I assure you that, I will have good command on
bootstrap, node.js, MongoDB
before 15th may,as I already stared learning them.
    so, I wanted you to support me  with the some details of the
project. please guide me what to do, to
sharpen me skills and make myself capable to get over your and my own
    please reply ASAP, as I want to start learning those pre-requisites for
my project .
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