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Caryl Bigenho caryl at laptop.org
Sat Jan 9 16:02:10 EST 2016

Hi Sugar Labs Friends
This is a test message with a dual purpose:1) To see if I am still blocked from posting to the IAEP list(I'll know the answer to this right away  as soon as I send it!)
2) To recruit someone to help me test LimeSurvey which we will be using for the SLOBs election on Jan 17-23. Sebastian has been traveling and Samson would have to go to an internet cafe to do it, so I though maybe someone else could help out. I can't do it because it doesn't work on a Mac. I had in mind something like this to test it:
For this I would like someone with a PC running either Linux or Windows to set up a practice LimeSurvey so we can be sure it will handle the results appropriately. I had in mind something like this to test it:*********************************************************************************************************************Question:Suppose you have won a new car and need to decide what color you would prefer. The choices are shown below. Drag and drop the colors on the list to indicate your choices. Put your favorite on top, second favorite next and so on to the bottom where the least favorite will be. Click on Submit when they are in the order you wish. Here are the color choices in random order:
BlackGreyWhiteRedBlueGreenYellowOrange                            Submit*********************************************************************************************************************
When setting up the survey, the parameters should be as follows:
Question Type: Ranking https://manual.limesurvey.org/Question_type_-_Ranking
Relavance equation: True or "1" https://manual.limesurvey.org/Question_type_-_Ranking#Relevance_equation
Random Answer Order (must be turned on) https://manual.limesurvey.org/Question_type_-_Ranking#Random_answer_order_.28random_order.29
We already know that the process of sending a "token" link out to members works as Sebastian tested that with the earlier Survey.
If you can help with this… let me know! Thanks.

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