[IAEP] [Systems] Planned system maintenance on Sunjammer starting NOW

Bernie Innocenti bernie at codewiz.org
Mon Feb 8 01:37:37 EST 2016

Sunjammer is now back online with Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. All hosted websites
and services appear to be running correctly, but please let us know if
we missed something (*).

We also intended to switch to Trisquel 7, which is equivalent to Ubuntu
14.04 minus the non-free packages (of which we don't use any), but we
ran out of time for tonight. This will require one last reboot, but the
outage should be very short.

A big thank you to Rubén Rodríguez of the Free Software Foundation for
staying online all Sunday to support us during the transition. Also big
kudos to Samuel Cantero who stayed up until 1AM to lead the second stage
of the upgrade and cleanup the considerable fallout.

(*) There are sysadmin contacts in the wiki, so please don't send me
private email.

On 07/02/16 14:26, Bernie Innocenti wrote:
> Today Sunjammer will undergo a long overdue maintenance session to bring
> the OS up to date.
> The following services are affected:
>  - Mailing lists
>  - Main wiki
>  - Local Labs wikies
>  - ASLO
>  - sugarlabs.org email delivery
>  - planet.sugarlabs.org
> And a few minor things:
>  - secondary nameserver
>  - download.sugarlabs.org
>  - Munin
>  - shell accounts (including any IRC bouncers and personal sites)
> We'll have to upgrade the base system in stages, from one LTS release to
> the next, so things will be going up and down for the entire afternoon.
> At the end, we'll be running Trisquel 7 (roughly equivalent to Ubuntu
> 14.04). We'll perform another upgrade to Trisquel 8 when it becomes
> available later this year.
> My apologies for the very short notice: Ruben, Samuel and I have been
> planning this since last week, but I forgot to send out a public
> notification.

 _ // Bernie Innocenti
 \X/  http://codewiz.org

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