[IAEP] [SLOB] meeting reminder and some open issues to discuss

Walter Bender walter.bender at gmail.com
Fri Apr 29 10:29:23 EDT 2016

Our next meeting will be Friday, 6 May, at 16 UTC.

We have a few outstanding motions and topics of discussion:

* Samson Goody's i18n proposal for Yoruba (See the proposal circulated by
CJL [1]);
* Updating to GPL3 license (See discussion thread [2]);
* GSoC mentor payments: it has been proposed (in a private email) to let
mentors have access to the stipend paid by Google. We had decided in 2009
to pool these stipends into the general Sugar Labs funds and had not
revisited this decision in the ensuing years. At least one mentor has
mentioned that the money would make a big difference. It seems we could
accommodate individual decisions on behalf of each mentor as to whether or
not they keep the stipend or pool it in the general funds, but we should
discuss it.



[1] http://lists.sugarlabs.org/private/slobs/2016-April/003442.html
[2] https://github.com/sugarlabs/sugar/pull/685

Walter Bender
Sugar Labs
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