[IAEP] *Sugar Onboard: After user testing*

Iain Brown Douglas iain at browndouglas.plus.com
Tue Apr 26 18:53:49 EDT 2016

On Mon, 2016-04-25 at 10:10 +0800, Tony Anderson wrote:
> Hi, Sam
> Your experience matches mine with 'homeview' (see 
> http://www.projectbernie.org - class page).

I think 'homeview' is a magnificent piece of work.

>  I attempted to guide 
> learners in the use of
> several activities with a slide show featuring a screen shot on each 
> slide. One example is Paint. I quickly found that the slides needed a 
> 'hook', a way to grab attention to keep the learner moving to the next 
> slide (slides move with right/left arrow). I started with a screen shot 
> of the first screen - a blank screen with no image!
> On Youtube, there are many videos showing a user working through a 
> scenario with an application. I find them difficult because the user 
> moves too fast to follow.
Agreed, and almost always, one wants to go back and forth as the idea
gels, so slides or hints are better than videos.

> Your suggestion of a walk-through on the XO with the user moving and 
> clicking based on 'hints' on the screen seems very workable. However, I 
> could see some learners becoming impatient and wanting to explore on 
> their own.

... but that's how one uses a well written guide, you pick up what you
need quickly, then get on :)

> So far, the only thing that has worked is a workshop where I personally 
> walk the teachers through the steps to perform a specific task (e.g. 
> connect to the schoolserver). This usually involves walking through the 
> group with an XO saying 'your screen should look like this'.
> Tony
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