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Tony Anderson tony_anderson at usa.net
Mon Apr 25 20:28:25 EDT 2016

I think this started with an observation from Adam. We have used 
deployment in the community to refer to the institution where the 
laptops are located and the overall environment; hence, the Deployment 
Guide. In our current context, Uruguay is not a deployment but each 
school in Uruguay with laptops is a deployment. Some may be doing well, 
some not so well.

Intervention sounds like taking some action in an ongoing situation. 
This is rare (Uruguay, Peru, Rwanda may justify intervention since the 
deployments were and are being put in place by the national government 
(Ministry of Education). In many others, a deployment is made by a 
sponsor ($) and a dedicated individual or team who visit the school or 
institution, deliver the hardware, set the system up, and provide 
initial training. Intervention does not sound like the right word for 
these cases.

What we need to understand by deployment or 'intervention' is a school 
or institution which has multiple laptops (normally XOs) and, possibly a 
school server and lan, and, probably little or no access to the internet.

 From a Sugar community perspective, we are talking about a 'customer' 
or 'client'.

Maybe 'olpc site' would be good - where olpc is the community name not 
the commercial OLPC.


On 04/25/2016 08:12 PM, Sebastian Silva wrote:
> El 25/04/16 a las 06:11, Sean DALY escribió:
>>     the same thing that OLPC called a "deployment" (which I think is
>>     a poor marketing term, since it has US-imperial/military overtones.)
>> Deployment is the common IT term for rolling out a solution, with 
>> everything connected to it (logistics, support).
> Laura an I are using 'intervention' as we think Sugar users are not 
> common IT and /deployment/ does sound like an impositive, top down 
> approach.

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