[IAEP] Is "Most Sugar Users Use XO Laptops" True?

Adam Holt holt at laptop.org
Sat Apr 23 22:18:03 EDT 2016

Conversely it's possible much/most Sugar use is now happening outside of
classes (and outside of classrooms too!) in homes/libraries/cybercafes/etc
at last?  At this late stage in OLPC's history, and not just in Uruguay?

Is Uruguay actively using Sugar in 2016 and if so how?  Who can tell
urban/rural/young/old perspectives across Uruguay/Rwanda/etc in 2016?

Certainly I keep running into more and more XO laptops that have moved far
beyond their originally-stated scholastic purposes...is it time for
"Child/Tween/Millenial Ownership" action at long at last?!

http <http://wiki.laptop.org/go/OLPC:Five_principles>://

Where are the true community anthropologists like Morgan Ames (and Margaret
Mead) when we need them?!
Hi Dave,

At the risk of sounding like someone on snopes or politifact, that is
"mostly true."  However, even though it is in the classroom, it may not be
during regular class time. Sometimes it will be after school in a science
club or robotics club. Other times students might be working together on
some kind of media projects using the Sugar Software, etc. The
possibilities are almost limitedless.

In Uruguay, where there are many more XOs than any other country, the
students are allowed to take their machines home. They may be using them at
home to complete a special assignment or conduct some simple scientific
research. Sometimes they might also be sharing it with parents or
grandparents, teaching them how to use it.

But, yes, most are probably being used at the school, even if it may not be
during regular class time.


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Okay cool.

Laura, I agree about the importance of Spanish.

My next question:

Does anyone disagree with the assertion that "most Sugar use is in a
school/classroom setting"?


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