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+ 1 for that motion

Date: Thu, 21 Apr 2016 08:37:53 -0400
Subject: Re: [SLOBS] [Sugar-devel] Samson's proposal to SLOBs
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Can we agree to the model Chris proposed for the i18n work on Yoruba and setting the issue of the equipment separately? Then Samson and his team can get started without the expected delays of dealing with how best to get more hardware to him.
On Thu, Apr 21, 2016 at 6:48 AM, samson goddy <samsongoddy at hotmail.com> wrote:

I don't see why people are still debating on this issue. I raise a proposal where i chose Walter, Chris, Dave and Laura to help me in the proposal. I don't see why this issue is still on debate. Let me clear something to everyone, Nigeria is so different from any other country when it comes to getting a tech related things. 

  So i done my best in answering questions about my project and i feel it costing me a lot of $$ in the cyber cafe that why i chose this people to help me. I don't see why this project is taking a lot of time because for me it very simple May is around the corner. I intend to do this are soon as 12 weeks or a month probably. Because this year is very tight for me. I am planing workshops for SL in Lagos and Port Harcourt. Delaying this project will only cost me not SLOBs or anyone. I am an undergraduate student not graduate, so i got a lot of things to do. So i don't thing waiting for the next meeting will do me no good. 

Samson G

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> Date: Wed, 20 Apr 2016 01:39:58 -0400
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> Subject: Re: [Sugar-devel] Samson's proposal to SLOBs
> I worked with Samson to refine a narrower proposal that has been
> presented to the SLOB by email.  It is for the SLOB or Samson to
> decide how / when to share it with the wider community.  It is for the
> SLOB to determine the how / when of discussing the proposal.  I am
> confident that all details will be public before any decision is
> taken, I would characterize them as generally similar to previously
> funded translation work, specific terms of which have been shared
> previously.
> cjl
> cjl
> On Wed, Apr 20, 2016 at 12:30 AM, Dave Crossland <dave at lab6.com> wrote:
> > Hi!
> >
> > Its been 2 weeks since this thread was last updated; has anything else
> > happened to move the proposal forward? Am I right that this will be decided
> > on at the next SLOB meeting?
I don't think that is necessary, because there is no time to wait for may. 
> >
> > Samson, some more questions below:
> >
> > On 6 April 2016 at 08:00, samson goddy <samsongoddy at hotmail.com> wrote:
> >>
> >>   Thanks for the question Dave, Let me explain why the Yoruba came with
> >> the price $6,000. Originally, The Yoruba come with a price of 1500 USD.
> >> About the Internet plan in Nigeria is quite expensive. Like i told Tony,
> >> getting a portable internet connection plus the device cost about $300 a
> >> month.
> >
> >
> > Which provider/offer is this? :)
> >
> >>
> >> I also explained that getting anything related to tech is also expensive
> >> in Nigeria. For example getting an iphone6 plus might cost about $700-800 in
> >> USA or amazon, with the current exchange rate of 200 Nigerian naira to 1
> >> dollar doesn't make everything in Nigeria cheaper. To get that same phone in
> >> Nigeria is about 250,000 naira here in Nigeria that about 1255.0225 US
> >> Dollar, you see the difference. India or USA is not Nigeria these country
> >> has a stable economy. You could do you research about Nigeria economy
> >> currently and see for yourself.
> >
> >
> > I understand - India is pretty similar to that :)
> >
> > Is the breakdown of the $6k something like this?
> >
> > $1,500 translation
> > $  900 portable net @ $300/month x 3 months
> > $3,600 laptops
> >
> > If there are other items, it seems the laptop is surely a larger item in the
> > breakdown. So I wonder about the possibility of leasing/renting laptops. Eg
> > I found http://xtramindsconcept.com.ng/laptops who advertise they leased a
> > classroom of laptops to Google Nigeria. While that is in Lagos, I expect if
> > you can visit a dozen computer repair shops, you could probably charm one of
> > them to rent you some old stock for a good price.
> >
> > And there's also the 2nd hand market. Looking on olx.com I found a couple of
> > nearly-new laptops for around USD$400 in Port Harcourt:
> >
> > https://www.olx.com.ng/ad/1-month-used-hp-pavilion-dv7-corei7-with-radeon-graphics-beat-audio-ID15HCC1.html
> >
> > https://www.olx.com.ng/ad/7months-old-hp-pavillion-for-sale-ID15I6yI.html
> > (although you might also need that charm, "Carefully and softly used by a
> > girl and so I wish a girl will also buy it" it says ;)

I propose not to use anything from OLX because 1, they are not trusted and all are fraudsters. I am saying this because i was a victim for about 9,000 Naira ($45) when i was trying to purchase a smart phone.  I already know a trusted market that i can purchase the laptops.
> >
> > I also find the $300/month mobile data cost high. How many Gb of data will
> > you need?
> >
> > It seems that, new, its N15,000 ($USD75) for a hotspot wifi -
> > http://www.gloworld.com/ng/personal/devices/portable-wifi-routers/ - and
> > N5,000 (USD$25) for 5Gb of data -
> > http://www.gloworld.com/ng/personal/data/data-plans/ - which can be doubled
> > by working on a "campus" -
> > http://www.gloworld.com/ng/personal/data/glo-campus-data-booster/ - and such
> > hotspots can also be bought for around 1/3 of that price on olx.com

One of the bad choices of internet is Glo, one it very slow and the coverage is bad that why their data is cheaper and plus the campus data plan only work on when you are in any university in Nigeria. Which i am not. https://smile.com.ng/product/unlimited-smifi/ i intend to use this service provided instead.  
> >
> > Finally, how many translators would be involved for the $1,500, which is
> > spent over 12 weeks? :)
3 translators including me.
> >
> >> "Can some of these XO laptops be recovered/recycled. The owners are now in
> >> their late teens and probably wanting to use smartphones or standard
> >> laptops. They may be willing to sell them for a relatively small amount
> >> given that the local demand for XOs is probably negligible. These could be
> >> refurbished and deployed either to support a local hackerspace or to supply
> >> enough for one class at a local school."? yes they can. Those who don't want
> >> to use the xo any more normally give them to their young ones to use.
> >
> >
> > That's great! :)
> >
> >>
> >> "Finally, I think it would be cool to think about this funding as
> >> investment, rather than just straight funding. You are going go through the
> >> effort of finding people to translate, teaching them about Sugar, getting
> >> new hardware for Sugar related projects, etc etc! It is a lot :) So, if you
> >> do all that, I recommend thinking about how to use that built up energy and
> >> value in a way that can move towards self-funding this kind of effort. For
> >> example, offering workshops business model, because the risks can be
> >> minimized and it can have low overheads, and there are several markets for
> >> them - eg, offering sugar workshops to wealthier communities of parents who
> >> are passionate about these languages; or, partnering with existing IT
> >> training businesses."? Yes that is want i have in mind to do.
> >
> >
> > :D
> >
> >>
> >>  Yes i would create Sugar Labs workshops, in Port Harcourt probably in
> >> other parts of Nigeria too. These workshop will bring more users to the
> >> sugar community, uses the xo's, Sugar on stick, sugarizer. It will be a
> >> whole new word for Nigerians. I already find partners  for the workshop. And
> >> also i would really like if some one from Sugar Labs community will be
> >> present too e.g like walter for Musics Blocks and Turtle art JS. Also most
> >> of this questions you are answer is already been answered. I am spending a
> >> lot of $ in cyber cafe. So i can't really answer all your questions. like i
> >> said before SLOBs should invest in this proposal probably this April(i am
> >> not forcing the issue) so that things can be done quicker. and i can be able
> >> to start planing for workshops.
> >
> >
> > I am not a SLOB (nor even am I a Member, yet :) but I would like to see
> > that, even if the primary purpose of the funds is translation, that this
> > proposal can catalyse the nigeria deployments "graduates" into contributors
> > - hopefully long term.
> >
> > So I'd like to suggest that you add more of these ideas into the proposal
> > document, so that it can be turned into a motion at the next SLOB meeting.
> >
> > --
> > Cheers
> > Samson
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