[IAEP] Seeking insights into Oversight_Board/Decisions

Dave Crossland dave at lab6.com
Mon Apr 11 13:51:36 EDT 2016


Thanks to Adam for putting together
https://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Oversight_Board/Decisions - is a great read

I have some questions about some of the motions, but some are a few years
old and perhaps it is no longer easy to answer them - no pressure :)

> selectricity

This sounds great! What was the experience of using it like in 2009?

Today www.loomio.org seems like a similar/alternative tool that could be
used productively.

Reading the IRC logs, the meetings are pretty chaotic. While IRC has 'voice
privileges' to allow an op to de/mute certain handles to "pass the mic" and
keep things more orderly, I think it would be better to do voting via email
or loomio and keep the IRC meeting for discussion motions before they are
voted on.

> the design direction being proposed by Luca

Where can I read about this?

> We agreed that further discussions with the SFLA about the merits of
trademark protection is needed.

(I guess SFLA is a thinko and it was either SFLC or Conservancy :)

Given the trademark fee was recently paid to renew the trademarks, I guess
the merits were accepted; but I'm curious what they were stated as at the
time. Where can I read about the discussions at that time?

> desirability to have a meeting of Sugar Labs developers a couple of times
per year

What SL developers meetings are planned for this year, if any?

> Sugar Labs encourages all GNU/Linux distributions to package and
distribute Sugar

All is a long list. Where is a list of distros that have packaged sugar's
latest release in February?

> Local labs can issue Sugar certificates (and charge for this service
whatever they want)

This is an interesting business model for Local Labs. When and where were
such certs sold? When was the most recent certificate issued by any Local

Which Local Labs are still active?

> to keep the GSoC 2010 mentor funds as our general funds.

Were subsequent years also retained as general funds? Will the GSoC 2016
mentor funds be retained also?

> Making Learning Visible

Where is this text?

> do a survey to solicit feedback from deployments

Where are this survey's results?

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