[IAEP] [SLOBS] Action needed on two issues

Walter Bender walter.bender at gmail.com
Fri Apr 8 08:23:52 EDT 2016

Apparently we did not actually get all the votes necessary to approve a
motion to pay Devin a $500 stipend for his time taken away from his Day Job
to help with the Turtle Blocks workshops at the Constructionism Conference.
The motion was made and voted on at the 2015-12-07 meeting [1]. There were
only three votes cast. (I thought four had been cast.) There was no
objection raised at the time and Devin did take a week off from work to
attend the meetings and run the workshops. I'd like to reopen this motion
with the new board and take a vote.

Motion: offer Devin U. an honorarium ($500) to compensate him since he
needed to take a week off from work to run two Turtle/Music Blocks
workshops at the Constructionism Conference. The funds would be allocated
from the Trip Advisor grant which are in support of promoting and advancing
Turtle Blocks around the world.

Please respond ASAP, as I feel we need to clarify the situation and not
leave Devin hanging.

Adam, in the future, it would be nice to get a heads up when you find
mistakes and not just catch them by noticing a change to a wiki page.

Also, I need clarity regarding the Trip Advisor grant. I believe that the
oversight board has previously granted me approval to spend grant money on
workshops under the conditions that (1) I inform the committee of my plans
and (2) I don't exceed the budget. Apparently this is not the understanding
of some of you and not the understanding of the SFC.

Motion: Walter, as PI of the Trip Advisor grant, will inform the SL
oversight board of his plans for workshops that fall under the guise
promotion of Turtle Blocks but otherwise has discretion in organizing and
funding these events, within the budget constraints of grant and the travel
guidelines of the SFC.

Please take action on this ASAP as I am many months without reimbursement
for travel for several workshops.

FWIW, the large proportion of the travel and expenses associated with the
workshops to date has been paid for by third parties. I've been able to
stretch the budget quite far.

thank you for your attention.



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