[IAEP] OLPC-SF September meeting this Saturday

Aaron Borden adborden at live.com
Thu Sep 10 12:09:08 EDT 2015

Hello folks,

OLPC San Francisco will be hosting our monthly meeting Saturday,
September 12th, from 10AM - 1PM at the downtown SFSU campus, 835 Market
Street, 5th floor, Room 597 (the fishbowl).

Please bring your XOs and other wifi-enabled devices to help our
Raspberry Pi wifi dongle ad-hoc testing effort.

- Meet and greet
- Ian Craig: Offline Micro Digital Library Evaluation and Comparison
- Raspberry Pi wifi dongle ad-hoc testing
- Project updates
- Summit planning

Offline Micro Digital Library Evaluation and Comparison

  By Ian Craig

  Abstract: There are many different digital library solutions currently
  developed or in the process of development. While this is great news
  for students and educators in under-served areas, this ubiquity can
  also be a problem. With so many options; how are these institutions
  and local people supposed to effectively discern which solution is
  "best"? How is the superlative “best” defined in this case? What
  criteria should people (with zero to little technical experience) base
  their microserver research and judgement on? Even if a substantial
  amount of potential microserver clientèle knew (and was able to
  execute) an effective research methodology, would a trial-and-error
  process involving testing all “viable” solutions be an efficient use
  of time?

  In this presentation Ian Craig (SFSU student and intern at Inveneo),
  will discuss different off-the-shelf solutions and how these compare
  across the board using multiple criteria.

Raspberry pi wifi dongle ad-hoc testing

  Please bring as many wifi clients as possible: smart phones, tablets,
  laptops (XOs or others.) The idea is to see how many clients we can
  get connected to the Raspberry Pi access point at any one time. We
  have half a dozen different usb wifi dongles to evaluate.

Our meetings are held on the second Saturday of every month. Everyone is
welcome to join us for our monthly meeting! We'll be discussing the
latest in OLPC events and give updates on our local (and global)
projects. There will be plenty of XO laptops with the latest builds to
play around with, too.

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/events/592837120854392/
Google+ https://plus.google.com/events/cobliu01nvrilihrcqc45u5lshg

Aaron Borden
Human and Hacker
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