[IAEP] [UKids] Amzn Fire Sale No More: pricing rises 86% !

Adam Holt holt at laptop.org
Mon Nov 30 08:51:29 EST 2015

On Nov 30, 2015 8:27 AM, "Nick Doiron" <ndoiron at mapmeld.com> wrote:
> The tablet will return to the cheap price from time to time, and get
cheaper in the long run as it is mass produced.

I would not make the assumption that hardware costs are retail price are so
correlated.  Anybody is free to invest in AMZN shares if they believe
Amazon can successfully achieve such global lock-in!

Certainly it's time for "pure Android" to face some competitive pressure:
unless one own shares in GOOG, Android was not in fact appointed by the
pope & Allah & God herself to save the masses from themselves.

On the bright side, Amzn's casino-style marketing engine dangling Christmas
candy in front of us Helpless Americans (much like ChromeOS laptops less
than $100, and new Chinese/India forks of Android) will surely bring
affordable diversity among QA'd clean devices to the developing world, so
long overdue, Eventually (will a little help from Confucius & Hindu Gods!)
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