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Peter Robinson pbrobinson at gmail.com
Wed May 13 10:56:22 EDT 2015

Hi Sam, Gonzalo et el,

I've worked with the Fedora web team to update it some based partially
on Sam's details below.

Details are here:

Let me know of any feedback, I personally think it looks really fab!


On Sat, May 9, 2015 at 12:49 PM, Sam P. <sam.parkinson3 at gmail.com> wrote:
> The new site looks very nice!!!
> Here is my attempt at some featured applications:
> Understanding and Creating Content
> -------------------------------------------------------
> * Write.  Make a story, poem, report or anything with write.  Use formatting
> tools to add images or colors.  Work together with friends to write together
> in real time.
> * Labyrinth.  Put complex ideas on the computer.  Use Laybrinth activity to
> mind map about new concepts, to explore new ideas or to reflect.
> * FotoToon.  Use images and text to create comic strips.  FotoToon provides
> many options to add motion, speech and though to creations.
> * Paint.  Paint provides to tools to make artistic creations.  Use brushes,
> stamps, shapes, text and images to create beautiful pictures.
> Learn by Doing
> ----------------------
> * Turtle Blocks.  Learn programming concepts with snap together blocks.
> Create art, animations and interactive programs in a graphics focused
> environment.
> * Physics.  Create real life simulations using shapes, motors, ropes and
> bolts to explore physics in the world.  Work collaboratively on your
> simulation with friends.
> Getting Technical
> -------------------------
> * Pippy.  Program applications in a simple yet powerful environment.  The
> Python back end provides unlimited opportunities within a simple language
> and environment.
> * Develop.  Make Sugar activities within Sugar itself.  Develop provides
> templates for new games, native and web activities as well as simple
> environment to edit existing activities.
> Exploring the Wide World
> -------------------------------------
> * Browse.  Access the internet with Browse activity.  Bookmark sites to
> research with friends and save sessions to the Journal to keep organized.
> * Get Books.  Download electronic books from all over the web.  Explore the
> classics and modern books with ease.
> * Read.  Explore reports, documents, books and comic books with Read
> activity.  Bookmarking and commenting tools integrate with the Journal to
> allow limitless possibilities.
> I think we could use the activity icons for the icons.  Maybe we should
> color them, but that would not be consistent with the reset of sugar sites
> (aslo...).
> Also, could we use a better screenshot?  I'm not sure what the policy is,
> but the current one has no journal icons and therefore no color on the home
> view.  Color is a good thing.
> Thanks,
> Sam
> (I'm not sure we should mention collab, 'cause collab always seems to fail
> on fedora over jabber.slo.  Bugs to look at for this new release!!!)
> On Sat, May 9, 2015 at 1:06 AM Gonzalo Odiard <godiard at sugarlabs.org> wrote:
>> Fedora Design Team is working in the new Fedora Spins site.
>> Sugar on a Stick is included there, and they are asking for feedback and
>> content.
>> http://blog.linuxgrrl.com/2015/05/07/time-to-kick-the-tires-on-the-new-fedora-websites-in-staging/
>> Who can provide the information requested?
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