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Gonzalo Odiard godiard at sugarlabs.org
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Hi Dan,
This is starting to be annoying.
What is this? "Trolling research" technique? You make accusations and
people provide
information for your research?
You are not interested in help with any of the challenges we have, right?

On Wed, Mar 18, 2015 at 5:28 PM, Dan Tenason <dan.tenason at mail.ru> wrote:

> The recent posts on the Future of Sugar have been insightful. Mr Daly's
> comments on marketing have been particularly poignant. Both OLPC and Sugar
> Labs have been calling for more money, more developers, more time to solve
> their problems. Both organizations have suffered due to a lack of
> transparency about how that money and time is converted into useful results.
You still can't distinct OLPC of SugarLabs. SugarLabs do the software.
OLPC put that software in devices known as XO and sell to people interested
in use them.
SugarLabs do not receive money by the software. Some people in the
SugarLabs project
worked by contract with OLPC.
We (SugarLabs community) didn't called for money. We say to work full time
in the project
you need a salary. If not, you only can work in your free time, and then,
there are no way to do the same amount of work.

> The limited number of peer reviewed papers on Sugar raises red
> flags. Unreviewed papers are the equivalent of taking medical advice from
> the Marlboro Man. They are interesting to read. One should still consult
> their doctor before taking the decision to start smoking.

Academy is funny, only produce papers and measure all by how many papers
are for a topic :/

> A second issue is user numbers. Dr. Negroponte's imagery of dropping
> laptops from helicopters combined with the lack of data from OLPC, Sugar
> Labs, or most of the deployments about usage numbers leaves us to assume
> that this project is not preforming as well as promised. We often see the
> number 2.5 million laptops sold. We seldom see how many are usable or in
> active use. Interviewing a few deployments about their repair and spare
> parts statistics, it is more likely that 0.5 million are in a usable
> condition with less than half of that in active use.
> Until Sugar Labs clarifies these issues, any efforts Mr. Daly puts into
> marketing will feel like Sisyphus pushing his rock up the hill.
We all know Negroponte said crazy things. Is a old problem. The initial
numbers were more than over optimistic.
OLPC can know how many XO delivered, you can ask them, or check the
(outdated) wiki. [1]
Anyway, your numbers do not have any sense. Do some research about Ceibal
probably is the best documented [2].

About how much people use Sugar, welcome to the open source world. Ask to
any serious linux distribution
and will tell you they can't know how many user they have.


[1] http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Deployments

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