[IAEP] Future Direction

Gonzalo Odiard godiard at sugarlabs.org
Wed Mar 4 11:43:01 EST 2015

>> If we abandon etoys to maintain compatibility with Fedora, what has the
>> end-user gained?
We (SugarLabs) don't abandon etoys to maintain compatibility with Fedora.
Fedora request a change on etoys, but Bert (who maintains etoys) is working
for free,
then we can't force him to dedicate hours to work on that.

> Would a GSOC effort be better devoted to moving from Scratch 1 to Scratch
>> 2 than rewriting imageviewer?
I don't know. Scratch 2 use Flash and need Adobe Air, then we need check
how works in the XOs.
I have read Scratch team is working in HTML5 version, that would be great.

About rewrite imageviewer, if we want allow use Sugar to kids without
XOs,we need move forward to HTML5/Js.
Maybe Image Viewer is not a prioritary activity,
but is a good task to introduce developers because is relatively easy.

Anyway the proposed tasks for GSoC are only a start, you can propose other,
and we will need do a selection
when Google define how many projects will fund.

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