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Okay, i am done with my exams but i am will resuming Monday. I also i will work with the new survey, but the problem is that i can get through Caryl. Do anyone know her status?, if yes please fill me in.

Samson Goddy

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Wednesday, June 24, 2015 8:48 PM -05:00 from Sebastian Silva <sebastian at fuentelibre.org>:

On 24/06/15 03:40, Sam P. wrote:

> IDK about the election but.  Hopefully somebody who knows about that

> can respond.

Here's a status report:

I asked the board to appoint me election committee.

Then the board decided we needed to have "diversity" in the committee.

Now it's hard for Caryl, Samson and I to coincide, as one has been

traveling, the other has exams, and I am in the process of relocating.

I've setup a surveying system (a couple of months ago), that is pretty

much ready for voting. I am still waiting for the committee to decide

how many seats will be available and when to do the election.

I was hoping to use the opportunity to make a wider survey in the

community that could inform the direction for the Board. I will limit

myself to be the technical person and make sure the surveying system

works reliably, while I still wait for the other members of the

committee to make decisions and try the surveying system.


After making you and Ms. Bigenho wait for several weeks to receive approval by the board to be added to the election committee and then seeing Mr. Parkinson receive overnight  approval, things were left somewhat unclear.



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