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Hello Dan,

On Tue, Jun 23, 2015 at 1:44 AM Dan Tenason <dan.tenason at mail.ru> wrote:

> It was impressive to see how quickly Mr. Innocenti updated the
> infrastructure once he was made aware that the servers had gone down. Some
> other problem areas have not been dealt with as quickly.

We're all volunteers doing this in our own time to the best of my
knowledge.  Any contributions and patches always welcome!

> Sugar Labs has now been operating for six months without an oversight
> board. The early June meeting did not meet quorum and the mid June meeting
> seemed to happen. After appointing a membership committee, no visible
> progress has been made towards holding an election. Is it time to drop the
> Oversight Board as an unnecessary burden?

I'm pretty sure that the oversight board members are still alive and that
they are making productive decisions.  According to the wiki page [1] they
had a meeting 2 months ago which they made decisions relating towards the
Sugar Deployment Survey, Turtle Art Days and GSOC2015.  From my knowledge
they are also in control of the spending and domains and those important
oversight things.

I do not see any reason to drop the oversight board.

IDK about the election but.  Hopefully somebody who knows about that can

> The claim of 'Sugar’s Activities are used every school day by nearly 3
> million children' is still present as a fact on the Sugar Labs web site.
> That validity fact is in question. There are several example countries were
> current usage is well below 100% which puts the assumption that ever XO
> ever shipped is used daily.

I was chatting with Walter about the new website a while ago and he said
that we should say we have 3 billion users across 270 languages or
something like that.  I think that was just a joke, but you get the point.
I'm sure that 3million is probs legit because of SoaS and sugarizer as well
as XOs.

In my **personal** opinion I do not think that the number on the website is
an important issue.  We have many more bugs and UX bugs that need fixing,
and even in the context of the website there are bigger issues.

> It would be appreciated if someone from Sugar Labs could clarify the
> status of these issues.

Hopefully I did!  I'm just an individual volunteer, so don't count my word.


[1]  http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Oversight_Board/Meeting_Minutes-2015-05-04

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