[IAEP] ALERT JUSTICE DOWN [24 hours without response] (!)

Sebastian Silva sebastian at fuentelibre.org
Thu Jun 18 10:40:37 EDT 2015

Hello Sugar Oversight Board, Sugar Labs Members,

Our main production server virtual machine host is down and I can't
reach it.
We have several systems that depend on this infrastructure, including
pootle server which was actively being used by translators of Aymara and
Awajun native languages.

I respectfully request that you call on the phone whoever has physical
access to this machine and we try to bring it back online. I think this
should be either Bernie Inocenti or Stefan Unterhauser.

Also, I would like to request for more volunteers from infrasctucure
team to have virtual terminal access to these machines (not just ssh),
or to put them in a proper collocation service where we can get some

Thanks in advance for your help.

On 17/06/15 20:55, Sebastian Silva wrote:
> Affected services:
> translate.sugarlabs.org
> git.sugarlabs.org
> packages.sugarlabs.org
> On 17/06/15 20:48, Sebastian Silva wrote:
>> We can't reach it.
>> Anybody with physical access to the machine please respond.
>> Regards,
>> Sebastian

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