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Criticism !=  Critical Thinking.  This whole discussion is pointless! You are arguing about the current use of laptops that are as much as 8 years old. Yes, many of them, maybe even most of them, are still usable and in use. What other platform can say that? Tell me and I'll buy stock in the company.
I heard an interesting piece about trolling on NPR today. Hummm…..
P.S. If you aren't familiar with C, "!=" represents "is not equal to."

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Monday, June  1, 2015 9:50 PM -04:00 from Bernie Innocenti <bernie at codewiz.org>:

On 05/27/2015 03:20 PM, Dan Tenason wrote:

> This change does not require a complete rewrite of the site. Just a

> simple deletion of an incorrect, and often quoted, statement on the

> landing page.

You initially stated that you were following OLPC as part of a research

paper on open source organizations. But in another post you said that

you work for a foundation which received a grant for a laptop project.

So, which one it is? Could you disclose your accademic affiliations and

how this research is being funded?
For now I would like to maintain my status as anonymous whistle-blower (or troll depending on your point of view.) No projects which feature Sugar nor One Laptop per Child are currently under consideration for funding by us. If one comes up, I'll recuse myself.

On a personal note, I am interested in how participants of a project which promotes critical thinking have reacted when presented with facts which conflict with their preferred  narrative. Time permitting, I'll continue exploring that dynamic.



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