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Sora Edwards-Thro sora at unleashkids.org
Sat Feb 21 01:59:21 EST 2015

Thanks for passing this on! I'm so glad someone was ahead of me on tackling
this need.

On Fri, Feb 20, 2015 at 8:40 PM, Tony Anderson <tony_anderson at usa.net>

> Oops! I forgot to include the install script:
> tar -xvf zim-0.62.tar.gz
> cd zim-0.62
> sudo python setup.py install
> cd -
> rm -rf zim-0.62
> sugar-install-bundle zim-4.xo
> The easy way is to use a 4GB usb drive (with 1-2GB free). Suppose the
> drive label is XYZ.
> Copy the tarball to this drive. Copy zim-4.xo as well.
> On an XO, open the Terminal activity (may not be a favorite - so launch
> from list view)
> You will see the prompt line ending in '$'. Enter the following commands
> (omitting the $ which is there to show that the command follows the $
> prompt.) The # introduces a comment, so don't type the # or the text
> following
> $cd /run/media/olpc/XYZ #XYZ is the usb drive label, on older builds, cd
> /media/XYZ may work.
> $nano zim-install $nano is a simple text editor
> Paste the script in the blank area, nano requires 'ctrl' + 'V', not 'ctrl'
> + 'v' (i.e. ctrl+shift+v)
> Enter 'ctrl' + 'x' to quit nano (answer Y to save the file).
> $cat zim-install #shows the content of the file to verify all is well
> $bash zim-install #runs the script
> The install takes a few minutes and displays a lot of messages.
> You can execute zim in the Gnome Desktop (should be in accessories).
> You can execute it from the Terminal activity:
> $zim
> You can launch the zim activity (should be in favorites). After it
> launches, click on the word zim in the toolbar.
> Since zim is not a native Sugar activity, there will be two icons on the
> frame: the zim icon and a grey circle. The grey circle shows the Zim
> screen, the icon shows the Zim activity screen. To quit zim, use the quit
> in the file menu or the 'x' in the top right corner. Normally, this will
> show the Zim activity screen. The normal quit button in the toolbar will
> terminate the activity.
> The web site is http://zim-wiki.org/. There is also a built-in manual
> (click on help in the Zim toolbar and click on the contents option).
> Yours,
> Tony
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>> Hi, Sora
>> I have been using zim desktop wiki. I think it would fit this
>> application very well. It installs and runs on
>> all versions of XO.
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