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Tony Anderson tony_anderson at usa.net
Fri Feb 20 19:52:36 EST 2015

Hi, Sora

I have been using zim desktop wiki. I think it would fit this 
application very well. It installs and runs on
all versions of XO.

Download zim-0.62.tar.gz from the Zim Desktop WIki site.

I have attached the sugar activity that I am using to launch zim from 
the Sugar side. It is installed
as a native application on the gnome side.

The Sugar activity includes some capabilities needed with the school 
server. Ideally, it for your case, it would just launch the zim program. 
As it works now, you launch the activity and then click on the zim 
button in the toolbar.

Zim saves the notes in /home/olpc/Notebook/Notes. The notes are saved 

Unfortunately, sharing the notes involves more use of the file system 
than Sugar makes visible.

The upload button on the toolbar works with a modified Browse to upload 
notes to the schoolserver. This really won't be much use to you (it 
still needs work in my context).

One approach would be use the save a copy in the file menu to save a 
note to /home/olpc/Documents. The Journal activity then has the 
capability to copy the note to the Journal itself or to a usb key. The 
note is saved as a plain/text file. Another option is to export the note 
as html, again to /home/olpc/Documents. This html file could be copied 
to the Journal or to a usb drive.

The poor man's approach I am using now is to use the print to browser 
option in the file menu. This shows the note in html in the Browse 
activity. This can be copied to the clipboard and saved to the Write 

I hope to implement a more seamless approach by using Zim's plugin 
facility, but at the moment it is on the list - to do someday.

Also on the list is a 'comments' capability so that learners can make 
comments and give rankings for the books they read from the school 
server library and which would be linked to the book entry on the school 

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> Hi all,
> For our upcoming literacy project in Haiti, we'd like users to have the
> ability to take notes on books while they're reading them - basic things
> like highlighting, drawing arrows and such, or leaving text comments. It
> would be nice if they could then save those notes.
> I'm guessing many of the books we are using will be available as ePub or
> PDF. I know the XO activity Read supports those formats, but I don't think
> it has all the features listed above.
> So, should we be looking to modify the Read activity or modify the texts
> themselves, in order to enable those features for readers?
> Thanks for the advice, everyone!
> Sora

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