[IAEP] Project Bernie

Tony Anderson tony_anderson at usa.net
Fri Feb 13 03:03:23 EST 2015

Hi, All

I have finally got most of the project bernie site 
(www.projectbernie.org) showing what is available on the school server. 
The major missing piece is the 'homeview' button on the Class page. This 
piece is being uploaded at the moment and with luck will be added later 

I think the site is pretty representative of the actual content 
available on an XO supported by a server with content from BERNIE. 
Naturally, the web site links to the online source of the data on the 

The library software is used for 'learn' and 'explore' on the Class page 
and 'Sugar Activities' and 'Audio' on the Library page. These buttons 
are suggestive since the actual content is too large to put on the web 

For example, there are about 200 Sugar activities available to be 
installed from the school server, but all I did was point to ASLO. 
Similarly for the Audio button, I linked to the source site of the radio 
clips, but you need the real server to see exactly which clips are 

The 'learn' button on the Class page features the 'digital textbooks' 
from Siyavula. Here the link shows what an XO would see from the same 
link on the school server; however, on the school server the content is 
downloaded to the Journal and viewed locally in the Browser. In general 
content is downloaded to the XO so that it can be used when the XO is 
offline. I also think this makes the network load more manageable 
compared to streaming to a 30+ XOs. The 'explore' button features 
courses on Python, Web technology, and the Command Line Interpreter 
(Terminal activity). This also shows what would be seen on the XO.


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