[IAEP] SLOBs Election Set For Jan 17-23. File by Jan 3. 2016

Sebastian Silva sebastian at fuentelibre.org
Tue Dec 15 18:53:00 EST 2015

Dear Sugar Labs Members and Friends,

It looks like we are finally getting a slate of candidates for the
upcoming SLOBs election. The Election committee has concurred that we
will close both the candidate list and membership list on January 3,
2016. This is a firm deadline. The election will take place the week of
January 17-23, with board members terms beginning the first week of
February 2016. Candidates statements must also be posted on the wiki by
the January 3 deadline.

The election/membership committee is reviewing the membership list,
using your responses to the survey sent out to all members. The official
list for voting purposes will now include only those who have actually
replied that they want to be active or have applied to the committee for
membership. You still have until Jan 3 to return your survey or apply
for membership.

People who replied that they wish to cancel their membership will not
appear on the voter list. People who have not responded have also been
removed. But, if you are one of those people you can be added back to
the list if we get your response by January 3. 

Please check the list before January 3 and, if you find any errors with
your name, contact the committee immediately so corrections can be made
in time for the election. /



There have been some concerns about the candidates list, with people who
are not members of the election/membership committee adding and taking
away names. As with all wikis, ours allows this. Anyone who is an active
member of Sugar Labs may add their own name as a candidate. If you wish
to run, and are having difficulties with the wiki, please contact the
election/membership committee for help and we will make sure you are
correctly entered.

The list of candidates who have declared intention to run is at the link
below. Each candidate needs to make sure their platform is linked by
January 3.


We also hope that some of you, who have not yet applied for membership,
will consider taking this opportunity to do so by January 3, so you will
be able to cast your votes for your choices of candidates. To join,
simply send a short email message to: samsongoddy at hotmail.com or
caryl at laptop.org (from the election/membership committee), following
the instructions you will find at this link: 



Your Sugar Labs Membership and Elections Committee

Sebastian Silva, Samson Goddy, and Caryl Bigenho

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