[IAEP] Awajun language contribution

Sebastian Silva sebastian at fuentelibre.org
Thu Nov 20 14:44:34 EST 2014

Hi Chris, Sugar Labs localization community,

I'm happy to forward you the definition for glibc locales for Awajun 

On my inspection it seems to me the single-letter-negation (N / n) in 
english, doesn't translate in their language. Does this field need to 
be single-letter?

What else is needed to create the locale with glibc, and add it to 

Looking forward to facilitating this process for the rest of the native 
languages in our region.


Sebastian Silva
"icarito" #sugar #somosazucar (freenode IRC)
Somos Azúcar - Fuente Libre - Sugar Labs

"Las maestras y los maestros democráticos intervenimos en el mundo a 
través del cultivo de la curiosidad" - P.Freire
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