[IAEP] FW: Where are you teaching the web this Maker Party? Add your event now!

Caryl Bigenho caryl at laptop.org
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Hi All,
Mozilla is sponsoring an annual worldwide "Maker Party" and is offering some great free resources to help groups do it. They even have a "No-fi Lo-fi" kit you can download and print out for teaching the web offline! The activities in it look quite useable.  It would be great if some of the olpc, ossie, and LUGs could sponsor some of these. We could probably even do one at SCaLE.
While most of the dates seem to be in July, there is a lot of flexibility in this and some are much later in the year. So, there is still plenty of time to plan something for this. All you need is a place (maybe a local Maker Space would be interested in co-hosting), someone to herd cats, and a few willing mentors to help get things going and on the right track.
Date: Wed, 2 Jul 2014 12:07:29 +0000
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Subject: Where are you teaching the web this Maker Party? Add your event now!


	Hi Everyone,


	Maker Party, Mozilla’s annual global campaign to teach the web through hands-on learning and making, is now less than a month away. Already the events page is starting to fill with learning and teaching events from around the world. 


	Mentorship is a huge part of what makes the Maker Party campaign a success and Maker Party is the perfect time for first-time mentors to try out their teaching skills and for experienced mentors to take their skills to the next level by throwing an event. 


	Make a video with GIFs, write a Javascript poem, see who's tracking you online and learn how to design for the mobile web. Try all of this and more at an event using our free new resources. 


	No event is too big or too small. Whether you choose to participate in or run a workshop at a conference, have a small gathering with your family in your kitchen, teach your friends to hack the web in a coffee shop, or volunteer to mentor at a large fair, you are contributing to a Maker Party! This year we want to make sure all of the exciting events that are planned get listed on our events platform so they can be discovered by the community. Upload your event now.


	We've completely revamped our events platform to help make it even easier to promote events. Now you can list yourself as a mentor at an event or show which other mentors (including speakers or co-presenters) will be helping teach the web at the party. Mentors will be highlighted as guests of honor on the events page once they confirm by email. 





	Please add your event to the events page!


	We're looking forward to seeing what you have planned.






	Webmaker Community Manager


		P.S. We have lots of new resources to help you teach the web like the updated Web Literacy Map, and our new  No-Fi Lo-Fi Teaching Kits. 


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