[IAEP] [ANNOUNCEMENT] Sugarizer, a taste of Sugar for any device - v0.3

Lionel Laské lionel at olpc-france.org
Wed Jan 29 06:22:58 EST 2014

Hi all,

I'm proud to announce the third version of Sugarizer, a taste of Sugar for
any device.


To remind you, Sugarizer reproduce main features of Sugar in
HTML5/JavaScript. Sugarizer also expose these features to allow running in
a browser Sugar Web activities wrote for Sugar 0.100.

New in this version:

   - Full support of filtering in home view, list view and journal,
   - Localization: English, French and Spanish - thank to Alan,
   - Full buddy menu,
   - Settings dialog for name, buddy color and language,
   - 4 new activities:
      - Maze from Manuel Quiñones: a port of the famous Sugar Maze game,
      - Gridpaint from Brian Silverman: a nice painting too with triangle,
      - FoodChain: a game to learn name of animals (French, English),
      - Abecedarium; a full Abecedarium (image, text, sound) with more than
      2000 words in French, English and Spanish.
   - Better touch support and better compatibility with Firefox, Safari and
   - Now available as Thin Client (Web), Client (Android or PC) and Server
   (for School server).

Hope that you'll enjoy it and it motivate you to adapt or create new Sugar
Web Activities that will work both on Sugar and on Sugarizer.

The power of JavaScript is the very rich ecosystem of frameworks that you
could now use to port/rewrite Sugar activities. Here some sample:

   - Physics: http://buildnewgames.com/physics-engines-comparison/
   - Write: http://www.webodf.org/
   - Calculate: http://www.graphr.org/
   - Labyrinth: http://philogb.github.io/jit/
   - Arcade Games: http://craftyjs.com/ or http://html5quintus.com
   - Scratch: http://waterbearlang.com/javascript.html
   - TurtleArt: ask Walter :-)
   - Implode: ask Joe !

Go ahead to Sugarize the world with HTML5/JavaScript technologies !

Best regards from France.

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