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Hi All…
Check out the schedule for this free online learning conference! There may just be something you will want to attend via internet. Everything will also be recorded so you can catch it later if the time aren't good for you. Usually with these things if you attend the live streaming version you will have a chance to interact with the speaker and ask questions.
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                    Our first-ever Learning Revolution Conference kicks off this coming Monday, April 20th, online and free, with a terrific set of keynote and distinguished speakers and a full day of conference sessions on Thursday, April 24th. The schedule is below.

Please forward to your friends and colleagues - this event is free!

The LearningRevolution.com project has over 200 partner organizations and bridges schools, libraries, museums, and the work, adult, online, non-traditional and home learning worlds. Our theme for this conference is "What Are We Learning About Learning?" As the Internet shifts the boundaries of when, where, and how we learn, we believe our learning worlds will increasingly overlap.

All sessions are recorded and the recordings are generally available within an hour of a session's completion. Keynote recordings will be uploaded to the Learning Revolution YouTube channel. Mobile users will be able to connect to sessions by going to LearningRevolution.com on your mobile device. Live chat and help during the conference will be at theconferencelounge.me. Tweets with session reminders and links can be tracked at @learnrevproject. Volunteer moderators--we need you. Please sign up here! Wish you'd signed up to present a session? We're still taking submissions for our May 1 Reinventing the Classroom conference here!

 Times are US-Eastern Daylight Time. To see the schedule in your own time zone, with session descriptions and links to attend, please go to http://learningrevolution.com/page/attending-schedule.

Monday, April 21
7:00pm  KEYNOTE - Ian Jukes on "What 21st Century Learning Really Looks Like"

8:00pm  KEYNOTE - Bronwyn Stuckey on "The Minecraft Experience - Curating Learning"

9:00pm  KEYNOTE - Bernard Bull on "Eight Laws of the Self-Directed Learner"

Tuesday, April 22
7:00pm  KEYNOTE - Carlo Ricci on "Learning and Love"

7:00pm  KEYNOTE - Howard Rheingold on "Co-learning, Social Media, Peeragogy, and Open/Connected Learning"

8:00pm   KEYNOTE - Maria Droujkova on "Math 2.0"

9:00pm   KEYNOTE - Mark Treadwell on "The Neuroscience of Learning – A Model for how the brain learns"

Wednesday, April 23
7:00pm  KEYNOTE - David Loertscher on "The Flat Co-Taught Learning Experience: A 'Core' Idea"

8:00pm  KEYNOTE - Cindy Mediavilla on "Learning by Doing: Internships and Residencies"

9:00pm  KEYNOTE - Bernajean Porter on "Futuring with StoryTelling Inspires Communities, Schools and Student Lives"

Thursday, April 24
7:00am  KEYNOTE - Pat Farenga on "What is the role of the teacher when children learn on their own?"


eTwinning: creativity and innovation through collaboration - Grazina Likpetriene, Vladimir Mosijenko, Tanja Gvozdeva, & Larisa Tichonova
Mobile Literacy with Audiobooks - Sue Toms, Head of Libraries
Multimedia and language and literature/ Medios audiovisuales y lengua y literatura - J. Daniel García


Building better teachers: Designing online instruction to impact student satisfaction. - Dr. Rochelle Franklin, Director of Faculty Training and Development
Kids Afield: Technology, Nature, Communication - Robin K. Long,Teacher Environmental Education, Biology and General Science
Learning through your workplace - Lidmyla Kovalova, CEO of G.U.N. Academy


DISTINGUISHED SPEAKER: Beyond the University: New MOOC Audiences and Providers - Leonard Waks, Professor Emeritus Educational Leadership
Electronic Portfolios as Spaces for Students to Engage with Learning - Gina Marandino - Educational Technology Specialist
Hit Learners with Music! They feel NO pain! - Theodore Lalos, EFL teacher


Application of Experiential Learning Theory in Technology Enhanced Learning - Dr.Revathi Viswanathan
Improving Modern Language Speaking Proficiency - Harry G. Tuttle, Ed. D

12:00pm  KEYNOTE - Stephanie Sandifer on "Mobile Learning Among the Museums of Houston, Texas: A Blended & Personalized Learning Environment Leveraging Community Resources for Improved Learner Outcomes"


DISTINGUISHED SPEAKER: SAMR as a Framework for Moving Towards Education 3.0 - Jackie Gerstein, Ed.D., Online Faculty- Educational Technology
Revolutionize Data Reporting to Revolutionize Data Use - Jenny Grant Rankin, Ph.D. (Former Teacher, Site Admin, & District Admin)
Teaching Another Country's Culture With Mobile Devices - Harry G. Tuttle, Ed. D
What is Project-Based Learning (PBL)? - Judy Ha, Training and Development Manager


Authentic Learning Experiences: A Real World Approach to PBL - Dayna Laur - Educational Consultant
Best Practices for Discussion Boards - Marla Cartwright, Faculty Developer
Do students see technology the way we do? - Mrs. Maha Hassan


Disrupting the Classroom: What connected learning really means for your classroom - Sieva Kozinsky, CEO
How to Assess Project-Based Learning (PBL) - Jessica Chung, Assistant Director, Education
Rethinking Lesson Design with App Flow - Kelly Mendoza, Sr. Manager of Professional Development
Students + Computers = Engagement - Valerie R. Burton, English Language Arts Teacher


Digital Citizenship: A Whole-Community Approach - Kelly Mendoza, Sr. Manager of Professional Development
Putting the Students in the Driver's Seat - Paul Bond, Library Instruction Coordinator
Using the internet and social media to facilitate self-determined learning. - Rocco Ricci, PhD candidate

5:00pm  KEYNOTE - Steve Wheeler on "Students driving change: how learners are making the difference in the digital age"


Liberating ourselves from a textbook format: Innovative, inclusive, transformative and transdisciplinary ideas from teacher candidates - Melda N. Yildiz, Faculty
Transmedia Games For Learning - Randall Fujimoto, Game-Based Learning Designer


A Framework for eLearning - Dave Hallmon, Instructional Designer
Living the DREAM: Creating AWARENESS through Environmental Education - Carolyn Stevenson, Ed.D, Director of Education
Social Network Champions: new course collaboration opportunity - Carole McCulloch (CoachCarole)

8:00pm  KEYNOTE - Roger Schank on "Out with the old and in with the new: a plan for redesigning high school so that it is fun and useful"

9:00pm  KEYNOTE - Michael Strong on "Creating Great Educational Communities"                
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