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Ignacio Rodríguez nachoel01 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 17 02:11:37 EDT 2014

Hi all :)

As Gonzalo says that was a good trip, a lot of fun in San Francisco
(¡Without English! <- thanks Gonzalo for be my translator and guide on all
SF :))!

We have a lot of Google Talks! And a lot of surprises here (Like Nexus 5 :o)
We went to the California Academy of Sciences [1] and we go to the aquarium
(random picture: [2])

So, That was a good prize!!

The hotel are the best thing here!

Stephanie and Google team do everything possible for have a very good travel

So... thanks Gonzalo and all Sugar Labs community!

Ah! Today we went to the CA university!! This is the best photo of all
travel! [3] :)

Oh! Just an anecdote! With Gonzalo, we lost the Google Bus, haha, we went
to the planetarium and we split up the group :P
But by the way, planetarium are beautiful! I'll recommend it if you go to

Well..  That was a unique opportunity, if you come here, please learn
english, haha :) If not, you need a translator like Gonzalo! :)

[1] http://www.calacademy.org/
[2] https://www.dropbox.com/s/hen8untlbblm2e2/2014-04-15%2015.56.24.jpg
[3] https://www.dropbox.com/s/6kcgnwrcadfhgdo/2014-04-16%2019.25.14.jpg

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2014-04-16 22:25 GMT-07:00 Sai Vineet <saivineet89 at gmail.com>:

> :O
> On Apr 17, 2014 10:48 AM, "Gonzalo Odiard" <godiard at sugarlabs.org> wrote:
>> As some of you may know, this week was the "Google Code In" winners
>> ceremony,
>> where Ignacio Rodriguez from Uruguay and Jorge Gómez López from El
>> Salvador, our finalists,
>> their parents and I on behalf of SugarLabs,
>> came to San Francisco. This is brief report,
>> to share the experiece with the community.
>> The event was perfectly organized,
>> with a excelent work from Stephanie Taylor,
>> and her team. They shown not only profesionalism,
>> but love by the project.
>> We participated with other 9 projects.
>> The event started the last Sunday at the night,
>> with a presentation of all the winners, and food.
>> Googlers gave us food, a lot of food, all the time :)
>> The Monday we had a visit to the Google campus,
>> with the official prizes ceremony,
>> and a talk from Chris DiBona, Director of Open Source at Google.
>> Later some Googlers gave us talks about the projects where they work, and
>> about their career.
>> All the talks were different, some more technical,
>> some more human, but all had good advices for the kids.
>> The Tuesday was a day to know the city,
>> we could choice between go to Alcatraz Island,
>> or to do a tour in Segway for the city.
>> The Segway are fun devices, and we had a little
>> training before doing the tour. Ignacio said the
>> Alcatraz excursion was very fun too.
>> Later we went to the Academy of Sciences,
>> (is like a giant museum but alive, have collections,
>> a beautifull aquarium, a planetarium, and so.
>> We had a "Behind the Scenes Tour", with a guide,
>> and the possibility of see places not opened to the public,
>> like the places where the researchers work.
>> Today was the last day, we went to Google offices in SF
>> and we had the possibility of present every one of our projects.
>> Later we went to San Francisco State University,
>> to meet Sameer Verma, who did a interview to
>> Jorge and Ignacio.
>> All the week was a very nice experience, we could talk face to face
>> with our students, students from other projects,
>> and other mentors. We interchanged experiences,
>> about how they manage GCI and GSoC contest,
>> and I tried to start contacts with other projects
>> related to us. In fact tomorrow I will visit the
>> Wikimedia offices (is amazing how many internet
>> companies and groups are in the SF area)
>> I will upload photos when return home,
>> just need do a selection, SF is a incredible place,
>> I took 1000 photos!
>> Sameer already shared photos from the OLPC SF
>> meeting the last Saturday, from my part,
>> I enjoyed participate in the meeting.
>> I talked about the features in Sugar 0.100
>> and 0.102, the webactivities,
>> and other trends in Sugar development.
>> They shared the project they have, as the work in Pathagar and statistics
>> visualization.
>> I hope we can work more connected in the future,
>> SugarLabs and OLPC SF.
>> Regards,
>> --
>> Gonzalo Odiard
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