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Gonzalo Odiard godiard at sugarlabs.org
Thu Apr 17 01:18:14 EDT 2014

As some of you may know, this week was the "Google Code In" winners
where Ignacio Rodriguez from Uruguay and Jorge Gómez López from El
Salvador, our finalists,
their parents and I on behalf of SugarLabs,
came to San Francisco. This is brief report,
to share the experiece with the community.
The event was perfectly organized,
with a excelent work from Stephanie Taylor,
and her team. They shown not only profesionalism,
but love by the project.
We participated with other 9 projects.
The event started the last Sunday at the night,
with a presentation of all the winners, and food.
Googlers gave us food, a lot of food, all the time :)
The Monday we had a visit to the Google campus,
with the official prizes ceremony,
and a talk from Chris DiBona, Director of Open Source at Google.
Later some Googlers gave us talks about the projects where they work, and
about their career.
All the talks were different, some more technical,
some more human, but all had good advices for the kids.
The Tuesday was a day to know the city,
we could choice between go to Alcatraz Island,
or to do a tour in Segway for the city.
The Segway are fun devices, and we had a little
training before doing the tour. Ignacio said the
Alcatraz excursion was very fun too.
Later we went to the Academy of Sciences,
(is like a giant museum but alive, have collections,
a beautifull aquarium, a planetarium, and so.
We had a "Behind the Scenes Tour", with a guide,
and the possibility of see places not opened to the public,
like the places where the researchers work.
Today was the last day, we went to Google offices in SF
and we had the possibility of present every one of our projects.
Later we went to San Francisco State University,
to meet Sameer Verma, who did a interview to
Jorge and Ignacio.
All the week was a very nice experience, we could talk face to face
with our students, students from other projects,
and other mentors. We interchanged experiences,
about how they manage GCI and GSoC contest,
and I tried to start contacts with other projects
related to us. In fact tomorrow I will visit the
Wikimedia offices (is amazing how many internet
companies and groups are in the SF area)
I will upload photos when return home,
just need do a selection, SF is a incredible place,
I took 1000 photos!
Sameer already shared photos from the OLPC SF
meeting the last Saturday, from my part,
I enjoyed participate in the meeting.
I talked about the features in Sugar 0.100
and 0.102, the webactivities,
and other trends in Sugar development.
They shared the project they have, as the work in Pathagar and statistics
I hope we can work more connected in the future,
SugarLabs and OLPC SF.

Gonzalo Odiard

SugarLabs - Software for children learning
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